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I'll be back asap

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Ok my peeps, I'll be heading back to the ATL tomorrow to start work again at the same place I was before I came back home to Columbus.

This stupid rescission has taken it's toll on my line of work but hopefully it will stay picked up as it should because the trucking industry is the main line of commerce in this country. As the old saying goes "if you have it, it was brought by a truck" or something like that...lol

One of my first orders of business will be to buy a new computer so I can come back here and be with my 420 mag friends and maybe take up my old mod status.

I try to be an "outside the box" thinker as well as passionate in my deliberations when I write about activism...you kinda' get that way as a smoker here in the bible belt but "big daddy" aint running scared like almost everyone else does here in GA

If I can't make it back here in time to gather troops, I want every one here from GA to be at the capital building in Atlanta on Nov 12'th to join with me for the big push...please come to this my fellow Georgians, it's very important!

If y'all do come, be sure to make a 420 magazine banner/sign to hold up high so that we can form up together as one and represent our beloved site as a group. If I do get back here in time, I'll try to find a good place for us to congregate so that it will be easier on us to recognize one another instead of us just being spread out all over the place. :cheer::high-five::party::allgood::55::peace2:

Anyone with the means should print out some fliers as well, to invite more people to join us here at the mag. I would print some but I probably won't have a printer by then. :thanks:

Allrighty then, all my love and respect to everyone here @ 420 magazine and I'll see y'all soon I hope. :Namaste::circle-of-love::kiss::5:

:peace: Jimbo E aka 420 Warrior



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Good luck on your trips. Be safe. Hope more will join you in the GA to fight for our rights. Wish I could join you. Doing my part in creating a clone army.

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uhh, oh yea...I'm back.

Unfortunately I was never able to make it to the capital like a wanted so badly to do.

Sometimes life just gets in the way of your passions...know what I mean?

But on the plus side and the main thing is that I now have that new computer as to do our bidding to the powers that be.

I believe I can be way more effective with this tool than just another face standing on a street chanting in protest...you see where that got our parents? No where!

Anyway, Y'all get used to seeing my face because I plan on making this my life's work and because what's right is RIGHT! right?

:peace: & :love: to all my peeps here at the great 420 Magazine :circle-of-love:
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