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Ill plant


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So I'm new to the page and new to growing.

It's and out door setup, I'm not really doing a lot for the upkeep. I used regular potting soil along with some organic compost.

I put the plant out in the beginning of June and the plant has taken off great. I've been noticing that the large lower main leaves leave are yellowing, spotting brown, then drying out and spreading from tip to stem.

I'd include a photo, but cant seem to figure out how.


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Thanks Upinsmoke535. I just tested my water, I'd say its between 7.4 and 7.6. I've not tested my soil before and don't have the ability to do so now. Thanks for the tip!

Any help with adding a pic?


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Adding photos: https://www.420magazine.com/forums/...lery-guide-how-resize-upload-post-photos.html

The issue described sounds like a typical Nitrogen deficiency. But you'll need to check your soil PH first, to make sure that's actually the problem. If you'r PH is too high or too low, you can suffer from PH lockout, which prevents the plant from absorbing nutrients, even if they're actually available in the soil.

By adding more nutes, you can end up causing nute burn, further damaging and stressing the plant.

For soil you should PH your water to between 6.3 and 6.8. Your soil PH should be able the same, with 6.5 being ideal.


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Ph 8
Phosphorus very high
Nitrogen very low
Potash medium

Need to bring down ph, bring up nitrogen but what about the phosphorus levels? What would be the quickest and safest way to do this in a potted plant? I'm afraid of doing further damage.

Thanks so much for your help guys!


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Antics - I used a soil test kit I got from the local hardware store. Something like this


I've used a lime and water solution at this point. One dose of water 2 days ago. We`ve had some rain the last few days, and I`ve not watered due to that. I will continue to add a little at a time and expect to re test the ph after a week. Should I continue to use lime to lower the ph of my water?

I though I had a fair amount of Nitrogen as I mixed the soil with compost, though the test shows different. Is there a preferred fertilizer that is good for potted plants?
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