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Illinois Medical Cannabis Meetings


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Illinois is waiting with baited breath for Medical Cannabis to be legal. Me and group of friends are starting to come together to help raise awareness on this subject.

If you are in Illinois, are thinking about becoming a patient or caregiver or even if you know someone who is, You Are Invited to our Illinois Friendship House Meeting.

It's a TALKING meeting, not a TOKING meeting.

Until SB 1381 is passed we will be meeting on a monthly basis in Naperville and on the South side of Chicago with more locations popping up all the time. We share experiences and find ways to band together to help this bill PASS!

After it does pass, we will be meeting more frequently (weekly or bi-weekly) to discuss growing, medicating, and anything related to Medical Cannabis.

If you want to join us and/or possibly help start a Friendship House in your area, please shoot me a message and tell me why you are interested. I will send back the when and where.
Illinois Medical Marijuana

Duane 1

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i can't send an email...i live in west central Ill., in the Macomb area.

my private email is: akauknowho@hotmail.com

i have
Cerebral Palsy
Spinal Stenosis
Spina Bifida Occulta
2 low back surgeries L-4, L-5 with Arthritis, Nerve Damage, and back spasms

my list is why i want Marijuana legalized and de-criminalized; and i want to help others in the dame boat!...thank you!
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