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I'm 12 days late but...


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I used to be on overgrow.com before they got shut down. I was a member there for years. I just came across this page two weeks ago and I thoroughly enjoy it, although the GROW ROOM forums need to speed up a bit! I'm seeing the same posts for 3 days now!

So lets see, I'm WaVancouver, and I have some plants growing right now. I love to smoke out of pipes, bongs, joints, hookahs, anything that I can smoke the herb out of!

There...I introduced myself...



welcome to our community, nice to have a former member of og here...

our grow moderator, Boss just got internet service today...
he has been gone for the last few weeks moving and waiting for net service...
he has about 420,000 emails and threads to tend to and has begun this process tonight...
i believe we will see him by tomorrow...
at that time, you will see more activity in the grow room...
people are still waiting for his advice on many things...
we have gone through many changes recently...
please forgive the lack in support...
everything will be back to normal soon...;)


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High WaVancouver. I've personally had a lot of stuff going on off site, but do surely recognize your presence here and welcome you. :ganjamon:


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Thanks, you two.

Lets hope things speed up a bit!


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Welcom wavancouver. I used to belong to OG years ago too. It closing made my partners panic and ended up in me losing my site as well so I can relate to how big of a impact it made on some.lol Until recently I was Boss' helper but med probs dictated a different path for me. I'm doing a little better now and hope to be around more to help but we can always use experienced growers around here to fill in the gaps.

Jim Finnel

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i'm looking forward to getting to know you and hopefully gaining from your experiences.

Welcome to 420
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