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I'm a Beginner and need a Simple and Easy Soilless Mix.

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From your local Hydro store get some Promix, vermiculite and Perlite.
Mix in the portions of 50% promix, 35% perlite and 15% vermiculite. This mix is nice and loose and will promote great and fast root growth. All though it doesn't retain water that well it is good for beginners because it will help safeguard against over watering. Plus if a beginner runs into problems with PH or over fertilization the properties of this soil make it quick and easy to remedy.


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Hi I'm a newbie and having trouble with my plants.... I recently put them in larger pots and made a soil mix now the leaves are yellowing from the tips up and curling down. Do I need to repot them with different soil? (I had mixed it all up in a big 16gallon tote)This is what I used... 18 qt-MG organic choice pot mix it has .10% nitrogen, .05% phosphate, .05% potash. ( contains.97% slowly pasteurized nitrate from poultry castings) approx 4qt perlite, 3 c. Bone meal 4-12-0 (4.0% nitrogen, 12.0% phosphate) and 2 handfuls of organic plant-tone all purpose plant food which contains5.0% nitrogen, 3% phosphate, 3%potash,1% calcium, 0.6% magnesium, 1.0% sulfur) derived from hydrolized feather meal, pasteurized poultry manure, bone meal, alfalfa meal, greensand humates, sulfate of potash & sulfate of potash magnesium. So does this help with what may be wrong sorry so long... Please help if possible.
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