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Hello people of 420 land, i'm new to this site and a first time grower.
i bought some autoflowering low widow and have grown in john innes no.2 compost from seed, also using a 250 w sodium light w/ reflector. Have used some tomatoe feed and now moved on to feed for flowering plants as it has begun to bud.
i have uploaded one photo for now but will no doubt add more at some point.
just want any info or helpful input for a new grower as after growing this little power plant i will probably move on to something that takes more than 8 weeks.
so anything anyone wants to add, does she look too small? does it look healthy anything i should watch out for e.t.c.. any feedback would be great.
thanks guys

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Looks like they are getting on pretty good. The bigger one (left) looks like a bit 0 nute burn if I am not mistaken.

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Yea i noticed the leaf curling and among other things nute burn was mentioned..it cant be a water problem because i pretty much dont let the soil dry out and shrink away from the edges..so avoid any more feeding would you say? Just stick to water?
And i do intend to add friends and join the community etc.. but only just registerd so give it time.
thanks kronic


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Ive cut the nutes out on the big one completely, just water now. Ill make sure anything i give to the smaller one is a much weaker dose. So what am i watching out for? More leaf curling? And i know it sounds dumb but again im a newb so what is flushing the pot..soaking the soil or something? Thanks again
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Captain Kronic

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Some peeps use 2 or 3 gals of PH'd H20 per gal of soil, some use more. I have never had to flush (in the typical sense)... the important thing is to clear the soil of salt (nute) buildup and then give them a light feeding, say 1/2 or even 1/4 strength after they look like they are ready to proceed. Sometimes flushing can cause drooping and such.
There are lots or posts here about it, just use the search function up top of this page, you will see it in the forum drop down button on the left top... just key word in flushing or nutrient burn and you will see them!

At this point, if the plant in question doesn't get worse, just let it process and it should pull out of it. If you don't have to flush your soil, don't!

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