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I'm a newbie and I need help (soil questions)


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I'm going to start growing in soil, so I am looking for recommendations on doing just that. Here are my current thoughts, and I am sure they are probably way off base. Please advise.

I am planning using 3 gallon Smart Pots for my plants. Are these too small? Too big?

Question: Can I start my plants in these pots or should I start in smaller media and then transplant to the larger 3 gallon Smart Pot containers?

Question: What soil should I buy? If I have to transplant from smaller to bigger pots should I get a different soil for each?


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Three gallon is fine, and no need to transplant. Keep in mind how heavy the pots will be if you are moving from a vegetative room to budding room.

I recommend sunshine soil.

Keep in mind, you don't want to reuse soil, so a nice garden to dispose of used soil is always a plus.

IMHO, take it for what it's worth.

Best of luck!


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With sunshine soil, would I need to fertilize as well or are the nutrients already in there? Is that the way to go? Nutrients already in the soil?


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Yes, you should fertilize. Guano is good as well as fish fertilizers. You can always over do it though. I recommend read, read, read.

Have a good solid plan, before you start, and I can't stress this enough, never tell anyone or show anyone anything.

Use pots with good draining, and even consider putting something like lava rocks in the bottom, which are light, and will improve drainage. If you buy the long rubbermaid rectangle boxes, you should be able to fit two pots in each box. That way you can water from bottom, as well as top if needed. Also, you have a place for excess water to drain. Also, in case of insect infestation, they are easy to clean.

Hope this helps!


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I use 3 gallon smart pots on my current grow. On my next I'll be going with 2 gallon plant warriors or airpots.

I use Fox Farms Ocean Forest with a mix of Fox Farms Light Warrior. I won't do that again.

Next grow will be FF OF and perlite 3 or 4:1



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3 gallon is average size I would say. It really depends on how much space you have... I use 1 gallon pots for veg and transplant to 5 gallon for flower. But its easier to just go straight to 5 gallon all the way through. I read that you need a gallon of pot for each foot of growth.. (3g pot=3' plant 5g pot=5' tree)

Fox Farm Ocean Forest all the way.... Just plain water all through veg. No need to fertilize until flower, although you can lightly feed if you want to just dont over do it.
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