I'm back yall!

Sonny Cheeba

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hey wassup guys and gals,,,,sorry I have been away so long. Took a lil weed-break, and have been in the studio finishing up albums and production for some up and comin' artists. Actually may be workin wit Ruff Ryders soon, I'll let you guys know wassup wit that. Anyways, I'm about to release my album I put out on my own. And I have a free mixtape available for free....I don't want to spam, so if interested, I guess PM me. Anyways, just wanted to say what up, and check for my new grow journal which will be up later thius week....peace fellow weed smokers:allgood:


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i dont think we've actually met before, but welcome back.... congrats on the album...

and if you happen to work with RR... lemme know if they need any graphic designers (freelance)

and i sent you a PM too



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Hello Sonny, welcome home. Looking forward to reading more and making a new friend. Ill send a PM your way.

Later Gator

Happy Kitty

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Nice to see you back, Sonny. Best wishes on your album. Don't forget about us when you become a star!!!

~Peace and happiness~
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