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Hello all I am CanaDan and I love weed. Infact weed is why I friggen get out of bed in the morning. If it wasnt for weed I would be one hell of a depressed white boy but chris rock would say why are'nt you smling....your white.....shit thats some funny shit huh? anyways ive just been a stoner over half my life, since I was 12...and I went lookin for the weed, the weed never found me. LoL

I suffer from 3 bad disks in my spine and I need weed to stay pain free. My primary source of medication is gods green herb. The doctor wants me usin as much as I can handle, too bad I have no space to grow!!! I will be sharing my grow pics from precvious years, and if anyone has trouble growing or smoking again feel free to pm me with a question and I will get back to you within 24 hours. Nice to meet ya'll :cool027:


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Hey CanaDan............again. Great intro bro.... alot of folks here in the same boat as you, me included....3 bad discs the Dr. just told me need to be fused, the insurance co. is screwin me right now though & I'm waiting for the appeal to be read by the judge. I won first time out THEY are appealing. Anyway I know the back pain & sympathise w/ you......:51: :51: :peace:

Happy Kitty

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Hello, and welcome!! Sorry about your health problems. It's great to hear of a doctor who encourages med marijuana.

Looking forward to reading your posts, and let's see those pics!!!

Peace and happiness:peace:


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aww...sorry to hear about your back...man that sucks..

welcome to the boards though!..Have fun here! :3

<3 Bunny


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Hey Doll...

Welcome to the Boards here...

If you need any help getting a Licence here in the Country, maybe I can help...

Lemme know....

Love and a squish,
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