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I'm happy to be back.


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I've been Growing my own Medical Grade Marijuana for the past 6 years as a result of the cost to fill my 90 gram per month prescription from my Family Practitioner. Also I've learned that No Bud is as Great as Own Grown is.
I'm 53 and I'm about to start my 6th ever Grow Journal Under the new COB LED Growlights as My current -
- 900 watt Full Spectrum LED Mars Hydro II is truly an Amazing Light for High Yield as well as Quality Tasting as I've ever tried to date. Now as of late I've been doing some research on COB (chip on board) 1000 watt to 1600 watt -
- set ups and Grows and I just cannot believe the Amazing Results and the Greenest of Grows I've ever seen to be sure. I'm doing my best to clone my Shishkaberry Princess @ Present so as to have this Next Grow 4x4 tent is corner to corner Green Foliage Eh. lol I'm going to provide a much more informative and precise Journal this time around as I've finally got it down and want to share (pay it forward) what I've learned here on -
- 420 (the BEST Growchat/Informative site on the WWW to be certain) "I look very much forward to meeting more Brother & Sister Growers from all over this 3rd Rock from the Sun Eh" :circle-of-love: :green_heart: :420::goodjob:

Sincerely: Don. :Namaste::Namaste:
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