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Im having seedling problems is it damping off?


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Please help me i have wasted £86 on 10 fem white widow seeds and lost them to what i believed to be damping off they didn't actually die i made the silly mistake of losing my temper with them . i put this down to the seeding soil i used holding to much water and me over watering a tat. any way i bought a new pack of WW seeds and i have started again but this time I'm using root riot cubes which are supposed to be really good and hold a a perfect amount of air and moisture so i was confident my seeds seedlings will not get damping off this time but 2 of them have popped up and show signs off damping off on the seed leaves what could be the cause of this? i was using a heated propagator but switched it off on the 3rd day because i got paranoid that it was to much heat causing the damping off. i also kept the lid on until the first seed was showing above ground. i have my extractor and intake fans on attached to a prim air controller keeping the temp at 22-25 degrees Celsius. the damping of on the new seedlings is just a little white spot on 1 of the seed leaves about 1mm diameter. PLEASE HELP ME i am looking at £172 wasted if i don't sort this out but i will keep buying expensive seeds until i get it right i wont be giving up!! thanks in advance for any advice i receive as it is priceless!


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How much and how often do you water? And I would suggest using bag seed or some inexpensive seeds till you are able to overcome this.
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