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I'm impatient

I bought a volcano and payed via paypal. I paid the 8th and it only let me send it via e-check (boooo).

It says it should be cleared by the 13th, today. However, it hasn't cleared yet even though it took my money on the 9th. I want to go pick up my volcano, I can't wait!


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Ishmar, I know people who use e-checks, and they have had to wait up to 10 days for it to clear. I hope it's faster than that for ya. I know you can't wait to plug it in and get to work.

Hang in there, and enjoy.

Can I ask how much for the volcano, out the door? Thanks
Don't jynx it, it better not go 10 days.

I got one of the package deals that gives a metal case, extra mouthpiece, lifetime supply of balloons, extra filters\screens, a plastic grinder and a 3 piece metal grinder with kief catcher, a humidor, a cigar cutter, 3 torch lighters, 500g scale, incense burner and incense, 2 random herbs like sage or chamomile.

He sells the whole package for $539. Pretty cool stuff. When I pick it up I'm going to ask him if he wants to buy some advertising space on 420magazine. I think a lot of people from here would like this guys deal.

Happy Kitty

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I don't want to jinx you, I just didn't want you to worry.

But just in case - I have knocked on wood, thrown salt over my shoulder, walked around a ladder, and ran around a broom three times. That ought to take care of any jinxes.

539 for all that sounds great! You're picking it up?

He should buy some advertising. It will benefit his business, and benefit us too.
But just in case - I have knocked on wood, thrown salt over my shoulder, walked around a ladder, and ran around a broom three times. That ought to take care of any jinxes.

Now you just need to avoid black cats and mirrors and we are bound to have this echeck clear today.

I bought the whole set off of a well known auction site. Coincidently, the guy just happens to live a mile away. Looks like he sells these things by the dozen, so that's why he gets such a good price on all the stuff. All those accessories for only $100 bucks is pretty good, assuming you can get one for $420 without the extras.


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^ They've sold out of them there I believe, and For some reason that website won't even load anymore. Anyone else having this problem?

More importantly though, congratulations Mr. Rodriguez! That's an exceptionally good deal, the complimentary ballons will really pay of in the long run.

Can't wait hear your opinion of it, have you ever used a volcano before?


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Now that is one amazing deal, enjoy your vape, two hits will probably have you nicely buzzing/baked


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Sounds like a great deal to me. I most probably will be getting one sometime in the near future. Seems like every person I know that has used one love it.. I just have to try it and see for myself ;)
Yeah, I've used the vap before. When I bought my PHX I was close to getting one. Then after I went to my dealers and he had just bought one. So I tried it and wanted one sooo bad. However, I just spent a fortune on the PHX.

So I had to wait a couple weeks, but now I got it. Using it right now for the first time and I'm already soooo blazed.

My lungs are thanking me. I smoke so chronically I was starting to get a slight cough.
I got some lavender with it. So I take about .4 grounded weed and put only 2-3 tiny lavender petals on top. I cook at 6.5

VERY theraputic
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