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I'm in the weeds about nutes


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1st time grower of White Widow and unknown strain in a tent in soil. Entering 3rd week of flower. The progress of the plants has been quicker than my research and Im maybe more confused about what they need than ever.

I use an LED light, a decent starter light and it seems to be working well but nutes are boggling my brain. I started down this rabbit hole by using general Hydroponics Grow/Bloom. Grow worked well and by a little more than 5 weeks from seed I transitioned the feminized White Widow to 12/12. Everything's going swimmingly and then my research tells me that part of the base nutes I should be using is the General Hydroponics FloraMicro and I havent been using that at all.

So I continued my research and have been using Kelp foliar spray occasionally. Then I purchased some Cal Mag and added that to the mix. Then I ran across an article about the need for Phosphorus in flowering and I wasnt sure if there was sufficient Phosphorus in the GH Bloom so I ordered Orga Grow Abundant Flowering Organic Mineral 3 in hopes of providing sufficient amounts of P.

Heck I havent even been adding The GH Grow to the Bloom so I suspect the plants are nitrogen starved. What was I thinking!?

This has just gotten ahead of my capabilities.

Im in the 17th day of flower and besides PH adjusted distilled water I have been providing nutes followed by water followed by nutes followed by water with a dry period between and the plants are looking pretty good but they have stalled out.

I have followed the following nutes regimen in bloom:
The 1st nutes mix was 15cc GH Bloom & 60cc Kelp & 5cc molasses
The 2nd mix was/is 15cc GH Bloom & 30 cc Kelp &5cc Cal Mag & 5cc molasses

Maybe tonight or tomorrow the plants will have dried out from just water and will be ready for nutes. So heres the simply complicated question, what should I do now? I dont know that all of these nutes compliment each other or that I might be spiking a particular nutrient which will damage the plants. The learning curve is too steep...

Any thoughts would be appreciated



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Plants feed from light. Nutrients are like the vitamins and minerals required to keep them healthy. A balance of N,P, K, along with Calcium, Magnesium, and a handful of micronutrients. Their requirements aren’t complicated.
The ratio of the main three, N, P, and K, ideally changes a little throughout their lifecycle as they flower and then wind down.
Nutrient bottles and their recommended schedules are an attempt to replicate that.

As for what you should do- my guess would be that probably its best to just follow some version of the GH schedule, based on what other growers have had success with, and use that as a starting point while you continue to learn more on the subject. If you’re just throwing stuff in to the pots blindly then eventually that’s going to come back to bite you.

There are also nutrient calculator programs that can help give you a better idea what you’re actually feeding them, if you want to go that route. But probably easiest to just follow what other growers have had success with. GH nutes are extremely common among pot growers.

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If you look at my Sunshine Mix grow journal there is a copy of the old GH nutrient schedule that I use. I use all the nutrients: Grow, Bloom, Micro, Floralicious Grow and Bloom , and Kool Bloom. I also use a GH silica. I only fertilize once a week, flushing with full strength nutes.
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