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I'm looking for the name/grow journal


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of the man who did the no mercy method i think its called. when you put a seedling into a 12/12 light cycle from start to finish. i would really like to see this fellows grow guide or if anyone has any tips on the no mercy method. i kind of want to try it for a more of a SOG setup. i would order lowryder seeds, but i'm a little hesitant right now. and besides, i have some bagseed (okay stuff, but generally schwag) already germinating and i want to go for a no mercy method. if anyone can point me in the right direction, maybe send a link or something. i want to learn more. :439:


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Re: I'm looking for the name/grow journal...

I'm not sure I would go sea of green with lowryders. Check the journals and you will see most people use regular strains, but mesh them to the height they need. It really can have great results. I think a lowryder strain wouldn't really need SOG unless you were gonna grow 20 of then next to each other.

I could be wrong ;-)
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