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I'm new to this but I like it


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Hi people Wow this place is ace I'm learning good stuff on here. my name is dave Im still learning so please advise would be very much appreciated I'm now on my 3 grow first two didn't turn out so good but I am not giving up.
I was using vitalink range for my first 2 i have now switch to fox farm hopefully will get better end product will i? I have a question I'm working off foxfarm schedule do I have to use all the products in the range or can I just use gro big tiger bloom and chaching or would anyone recommend a different approach I'm just coming to end of week 2 of veg?I grow from clones as iv yet to try with seeds.


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you only need the big NPK, anything else is optional.

the amounts of Nitrogen,Phosphorus, and Potassium (NPK) will change depending on the stage of growth you are in.
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