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I'm new to this indoor growing, help


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Good evening 420 community! I have started my first indoor grow They are 3 Apple Fritter Cookies, 3 Gorilla Glues & 2 that are unknown lol. I Planted the seeds on May 5, 2019 in 2 pound pots. They are inside a 5ft x 5ft x 6.5ft tent and I believe we have a “ColoFocus” full spectrum 600w light. One question I have is about the distance between the light and plants. I will post a picture below but do you guys think I have the light too far or too close? Another thing i been wondering about is one of my plants, the leaves are starting to curl inwards I’ll post a picture below for a better visual. The bottom leaves just seem to be hanging more than often is that a sign of needing to transplant? One last question I have is just knowing what i should do next. Im thinking should I transplant or start them on some nutrients because I have not gave them any so far. Please leave any comments, recommendations, or advice I highly appreciate it!cheers


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Cupping of the leaves usually indicates heat or root problems.

The ColoFocus light is not powerful enough for your tent. You need at least 30W / sq ft drawn from the wall. The ColoFocus light draws about 65 - 72W from the wall, so it's good for 2 sq ft in flower, and 3-4 sq ft in veg. For comparison, my first grow light was the King X6 Dimmable 1800W COB LED that draws 300W from the wall. I used it at full power in a 2' X 4' tent, and could have used more light. I'd suggest upgrading to something like 4 X TSW-2000 or 4 X SP-250 grow lights from our sponsor Mars Hydro. The currently have a summer sale on, so two of these lights will run you about $500 USD less the 420 Magazine member discount available. Yes, it's expensive, but you'll get a decent harvest. You should be able to get close to a lb per light from these lights, while I'd be pleasantly surprised if you got 2oz from your ColoFocus. The money you spend on the grow light will be re-couped with your first harvest.

For more help with the cupping problem, we need more information. Check the link in my signature block for how to ask for grow support.
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