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I decided to finally join and be among many others like myself who share the love for mary jane...

i've been smoking for a year straight now, and i've came across this site once before but didn't think much of it... dont know what i was smoking then lol... this place is heaven! i thought i'd try to get more knowledgable of the plant and meet some new people...

actually to be honest a year ago before i started smoking i thought marijuana was a bad drug and people shouldnt smoke it until i broke in and did it myself, and thank god i did. it has opened my eyes to a whole new world, as wierd as it may sound i think i've grown as a person since i've smoked my first joint and became a regular.... well think i might be getting a little to deep with this haha...

peace.. and hope to talk to you guys soon!
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It is good to have you a part of our community, hashburyk! I am glad you made it over the hurdle of government propaganda last year and have found cannabis enlightenment!


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Welcome to 420 Magazine, hashburyk.

You're in the right place to learn about all things cannabis-related. Everyone has a different story about why they smoke and how they benefit from it. You'll find many people with a story similar to yours. When I was younger, I used cannabis heavily and regularly. It was definitely more of a social thing for me back then. I stopped for several years when my career got going. A few years ago, I returned to smoking and found this website. Lurked around for a while as a "guest". Cannabis is now more personal for me than it was back then. The things I've learned from this website have helped me appreciate it even more. Enjoy your stay!

:51: Peace
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