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I'm stoned amuse me

Are you stoned?

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Iight, I'm stoned to the max right now, and it's fucking awesome, but i'm getting a little bored. Post some pics or things to do? :tokin: :bigtoke:


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Interesting topic.

Though you left out an option on the poll: No

Im going through a dry spell right now. Plus I am having surgery next week on my knee, so I gotta wait until after the surgery. :0

Things to do:
Go to omegle.com and talk to complete strangers about anything
Watch a freaking movie like The Hangover or Super High Me (It's on Netflix streaming).
Go to Jack in the Box and get four 99 cent burgers. Depending on sales tax in your area, it may come to a total of $4.20.
Smoke some more.
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