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Im trying to find doctors in Canada that will sign my forms!


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Hey!! I live in London Ontario Canada and im trying to find a doctor to sign my forms to have marijuana precribed to me..does any one know of any doctors in my area?? I was in a car accident almost a year ago and have been in chronic back pain since then.I have been on Percocets since the accident and i'd really like to get off of them due to the addicitve factor.I am 29 years old and DO NOT want to be addicted to pain killers considering I do have an addictive personality and have been sober from alcohol for a year. I really think that not only will Marijuana will help with my chronic pain but will help me get off these percocets!! If anyone has any info please send my way!! Thanks!!!


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Re: im trying to find doctors in canada that will sign my forms!!

I am also in southern ontario looking for a mmj friendly doctor so if i hear of any i will let you know immediatly and would ask the same from you. I have a name but have had no luck becoming a patient at the clinic he works at, maybe you will have better luck.:rollit:
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