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Important Pot Bust Facts You Should Know!

First of all I want to say I'm sorry for being a paranoid guy.
I'm a big scared cat!

I had to quit PROZAC, AMBIEN C, VICONDONE and a bunch of other meds my doctors were giving me so freely.
Today I am better than 2 years ago.
To not be able to medicate more naturally with gods plant would be a major set back.

Preachers take pain pills?
Cannabis is evil?
Excuse me?

I don't get it?

Weird if you ask me!

Obi Wan

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It's all good ataxian.

Love and respect,
/Obi-Wan Cannabinoid
So cool your avatar!

I was never a polical person how ever it's strange to me CANNABIS is viewed incorrectly.
It's all good!

Obi Wan Cannabiod:
Thank's for keeping me focused!
this is a good read thank you!!