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Important Pot Bust Facts You Should Know!


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First of all I want to say I'm sorry for being a paranoid guy.
I'm a big scared cat!

I had to quit PROZAC, AMBIEN C, VICONDONE and a bunch of other meds my doctors were giving me so freely.
Today I am better than 2 years ago.
To not be able to medicate more naturally with gods plant would be a major set back.

Preachers take pain pills?
Cannabis is evil?
Excuse me?

I don't get it?

Weird if you ask me!

Obi Wan

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It's all good ataxian.

Love and respect,
/Obi-Wan Cannabinoid


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So cool your avatar!

I was never a polical person how ever it's strange to me CANNABIS is viewed incorrectly.
It's all good!

Obi Wan Cannabiod:
Thank's for keeping me focused!


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There is some safety in numbers. The feds do not have the capacity to bust everybody. There is further safety in staying small and obscure.


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this is a good read thank you!!


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not sure but they would need to get a warrant for both your home and for your business, one warrant does not provide blanket coverage for all of a persons properties.


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I know this is an old post but what's the stance on grow journals? If there are pictures and written statements plus file transfer could the internet service provider contact the police or alert something? Is there a difference in other countries - Uk, France, Spain?
I think it would be a very personal gripe in as much as you have impregnated a politicians daughter to be singled out. The other side would be a wave of bust on top of bust. Through the community. . I'm in the UK.
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