importent question.....


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i satr the 3 week in 12/12 hps 250w
i grow ther - "super silver haze" and "the chrech"
i start in small tank in comparison for the last time thet i start in big tank with water pamp the bring the water in circular.
now i watered them 2 time a day.
my problem thet i see today is thet one of the jast one the leaf start to be litle stain yellow .
what you think?
i think 2 problem one is over fertilization (sensitive plant)and the second is heat but why the good plant is ok?
i tike a pic and you can see and tel me whay you think.
they importent to me i love them from my heart .
i have a good feeling for them
:adore: :adore:
Is the yellow on the top of the plant ? Or on the bottom leaves? is the yellow Just on the tips of the leaves? How do they feel? Soft and limp? Crispy? Healthy?

the top is ok the yellow on the bottom leaves and jast on the edge.
the top leaves are soft and good the rast little be Crispy.
i upluwd pic soonnnnnn and you can see and tel me.
i think to give them balnced water for a few days what you think or to keep goung like this.
the temprtor and the damp is good and ph good and air onsid and outside is good so what the fuck going on i tike car to them
drboomhauer - I'd lay off the misting now that your plants are in flower. Too many potential issues with misting in flower unless they are outdoor plants.. (and even then... only very early in flower is "safe")

quantuman - sounds like classic case of over-fert.. give it just plain PH adjusted water for the next few feedings.. The SSH is a sativa and will be more sensitive to fertz like you thought. Remember - overfeeding permanatly burns roots - and the leaves/buds those roots supported will not fill out properly once the roots are burned. It's *always* better to underfeed than over...

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