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Improving taste of infused coconut oil?


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Hi so yesterday I made infused coconut oil CBD but the problem is my son don't like the taste of it and I am not surprised ^^ any ideas for some flavourings or something like that ? Today he ate it on the toast but I am not sure it it will have the same effect ?



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What I do is stand a teaspoon in a cup of tea until the tea has cooled down enough to take a large mouthful. By then the spoon has warmed up, see? The hot spoon is more easily filled (I keep my oil in the fridge where it tends to go hard). Spoonful of oil (or two), gulp of tea, Bob’s your Auntie’s live-in lover.
Try it out of the fridge if you aren’t storing it there. Cold, it tends to stay in a pretty cohesive mass long enough to get it down ya. Room temperature it’s going to fill your mouth and make you gag.
Give him mango juice afterwards. When he burps - mango lassi!
Kid’s pretty lucky he doesn’t have to learn to take poisonous tasting gunk whether he likes it or not like we used to.
Good on you :peace: :yummy::cool:


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You can gently melt the oil and add water. Put it back in the fridge when it's hard again drain the water and some of the other nasty stuff away. There is a post on Pinterest about this. Also if you infuse the oil with water you will pull out some of the nasty tasting stuff that dissolves in water
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