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In need of advice, I'm a first time grower


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So I believe I have a plant that is around 8-9 months old maybe more but it's not budding at all. It's female but won't seem to grow anymore or bud? Am I doing something wrong? Someone please help!


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How long has it been 12/12 if it's been a long time then no idea..but I'm sure some1 with more experience can probly help. Adding pics mite help as well


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GTFO, 8-9 months, damn i went bonkers when my unknown sativa went 90 days Veg before flowering, i went 12/12 after 60 days, it took 30 days to give me the first hair (pisitl) i could see in this cycle..but at the same token i was inconsistent with Lights without timer in the beginning, also i repoted 60 days in. i believe i shocked it, causing it to stop growth! this is my first time indoor grow as well. There many vairables and nuances that play into it, learn along the journey! you be better on the next grow , here is pic

the Unknown Sativa
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