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In need of urgent advice - Acidic Soil/Sphagnum Questions


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Hi folks!
I really nead som help. I made my own soil-mix with perlite, vermicukilite, klay and unfourtuneally "peat ore sphagnum. Why I say unfourtuneally is that I use to much of it. Mayby 40% - 45%.

For 2 days now, my new plantet have slowed down and I could'nt figer out the problem.... till I looked at the packege of the peat and it says that the PH is 3,8 - 4,5. And I give them a PH 6,6 - 6,8 nutrient-solution when I feed them.

I dont know if +40% in my mix make the soil too acidic, I just gusse I hade heat problem a bit, but it cant be heat, the other unplanted is doing great.

Can anyone tell me how I use bakingpowder? I need a queick fix, and can't wait to buy dolomite tomorrow.
So how do I use Bakingpowder? I know that I should flush with BK, but with how high PH?

I have a owen well, so my tap water is free from Klor, but it still have 128 PPM and the PH goes up and down between 7,3 - 7,9 and sometimes I mesuered 8,1. Is it enough if I just flush them with my tapwater if it's higher then 7,5?

Pleas I need some guidance :Namaste:

(sorry for my spelling)


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Ok.. Yesterday I gave them tap-water and mixed with bakingpowder. I used 5ml BK per gallon water (5ml per 3,77 liter) at PH 8,2. Today, like 18h later the youngest one look helthier, but those in late bloom dont show any signes of beeing better ore worse compare to yesterday. The lower, old fan leafs looses ther color and getting yellow. Some randome leafs are getting more and more rostig with rostig dots on it. Today I gave them a 6,9-7,0 nutrient solution.

Can it be so that it is lack of somthing? But before I started to use the peat everything was OK. I use Advaced Hydro of Holland 1Grow 2Bloom 3Micro and I allso use Advanced Nutrient Big Bud, Bud Candy, Overdrive, B52, Rhino Skin, Sensizym. I allso use Moaless with every watring at 5mi /Gallon. Every thired watering I change Big Bud with Topmax and BioHeaven.


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Thanx 4 your answer Ricorico....

But even my older girls, showing same signes :(

Those has no "low PH peat" mixed in ther soil, but the top of my pots looked like they hade to littel soil, so I did fill up 2-5 cm with my "peat, perlite, vermicul" mix. And when I feed them with there usual feeding with PH 6,8 the water goes throgh the top soil "peat-mix) and probly lower the ph to 5,5.

When I put a hans ful peat and 0,1 liter 6,9 PH water, the peat change the water from 6,8 to 5,5 - 5,1. Imagin that I have 30-40% of this peat in my pots. I

I think I reallay nead Limestone/Dolomite ore bakingpowder. Dont you think? Any one?


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Yea you need something to stabilize/buffer the ph and dolomite lime would probably work for you since your ph range needs to become more basic/less acidic. You can sprinkle some over the top of your 'soil' (I'm pretty sure your medium is considered hydro and not soil) and then give the plant a watering; the lime should work its way down into the medium over time. I'd probably add it in at 1/4th of a cup at a time.
If you want maximum help just fill out this form for us:
How many plants? What strains?
How old are they?
Indoor or outdoor?
How big is your area if its indoors and is it well ventilated?
What medium/soil are you using?
Whats the size of the containers?
What's your lighting set up?
What's the temperature and humidity like at any given time?
What's your ph like, both medium and nutes?
Any pests around?
What is your watering schedule like?


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Thanx a lot!!! I will try to get some dolomite ASAP. But is it anything I can do who works direct. I know that the dolomite will rais the PH over time, but my girls are very sick.

I know as I wroted earlyer that bakingpowder raising the PH of the water, but what dose it do with the medium? Will it rais the PH of the peat. the PH3,8 of the peat is 3,8.

thanx again man!
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