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Gospel Dawg

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ok he.re g.oes.I am at the end of week 9.I started my Flush about 10 days ago. I am now and pH balanced water. And still no signs amber Trichomes. I am in hydroponics and I need to know do I go back to feeding my nutrients or is it too late. should I have waited until I seen the first amber trichomes before I started my flush and will it hurt my girls if I start feeling again. What should I do

Fuzzy Duck

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Not all strains produce amber trichomes as each strain is different !

Peak THC content is aprox 100% cloudy/milky trichome as in general amber trichomes may be seen as a sign of THC content degrading...

Otherwise amber tric's could be viewed as extra CBD content couch lock/body high but not always practical on low CBD strains as you can only improve it by very little % whilst degrading another...

So you are much better off growing a strain for its medical values or type of high than rather force amber tric's on a strain not known for said values you are seeking...

A friend off mine, on more than one occasion forced amber tric's to 50% some 3 odd weeks later after said flowering time had finished !

He complained about the over all high effect of the 50% amber bud when compared to the same strain harvested at near 100% milky which he was more satisfied with... just a little story with a saying more amber does not always mean better bud or high :Namaste:

Read my signature... the internet gave every idiot a voice as anybody can type a load of mush on forums whether you believe any of it is a different matter all together ?

But lucky for us growing is a practical nature which all can be observed over time for said results !

So if got a few plants to experiment with harvest one after said flushing period and leave another to develop more amber tric's & see what is more favorable to your taste... its the only true way of learning by monitoring results :peace:


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How long was flowing ment to take?
Fuzzy is right, amber is generally a sign of THC degrading, if you have mainly milky big rain drops then its time to chop my friend.
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