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In search for 24h hum/temp controller


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For the Stomata to stay open and also maintain transpiration at prime levels for maximum plant growth the hum/temp difference between night and day levels require a consistent number. Difference 0-10F and 0-10%RH is within range, to maintain those numbers at as close to zero as possible a controller is needed to operate as needed intake/exhaust, CO2, and heat. In search for the best device to maintain proper day/night hum/temp numbers. Any advice???


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I've checked into the Kronus 4, evc-2, CAP air4 and 3dn, and green air ct-ct-3p. The evc-2 appears to have more control. 2 temp control outlets, 1 humidity outlet, 1 co2 outlet, and 1 outlet for a heater at night, it is also all digital. I'm not sure if the co2 outlet is for tank or burner? The others have only 4 outlets with manual controls with the same variance in measurements. +/-1f and +/-3%rh. here is a little evc-2 memo YouTube - ‪Sentinel EVC-2 Environmental controller demonstration‬‏

Price shipping not included
Kronus 4 319.00-400.00
evc-2 220.00-300.00
CAP 4 215.00-250.00
GAP 240.00-340.00
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