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i have a plant that is seeding, the kind is sk#1 normally 6 to 11 weeks to flower on the packet, what i want to know is, will the plant take longer if seeding, does a plant in seed take longer? how many weeks till seeds are propely formed. and for the seeds to be picked or fall off, how long?.


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The 6 - 11 weeks if the total flower time.
It will take longer because the plant has to mature before it flowers.

May take 40 - 70 days to mature.
Mine sk#1 genes are too far breed into
Mago's Blue Grass to give ya' a firm time span.
Most my seedlings mature in the above time span depending on time of year and my attention :3:

Figure 6 - 11 weeks after you change your light cycle to 12/12 :3:


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i know, i mean ive been flowering for 11 week. anyway ive harvested now got 4 oz off 2 skunk11 asnd 1 bigbang.
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