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Inclusion Body Myositis

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Any other medicinal users out there using cannabis for Inclusion Body Myositis?

I have been experimenting with it but would like some other input from people with similar ailments.
I am 66 and diagnosed about 4 years ago with inclusion body myositis. I have just started taking CBD (high strength) given what I have ready about its benefits in treating autoimmune disorders. have you, Nern, noticed any benefits so far?
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I am currently 57 and was diagnosed about 4 years ago.

I believe it does help with inflammation. I do not get as many leg cramps as I used to. I have been using a high CBD strain from the local dispensary. It still has some psychoactive properties (THC) in it so the high helps with the anxiety too.

I also use turmeric in large doses to help fight the inflammation. I think it is every bit as effective as anything that I have tried.

I am getting ready to participate in a clinical trial with CBD and am looking forward to it.