Incogn1to's First Grow: Dark Devil, Gelato & Cheese Autos In Coco, 2019


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Hello and welcome to my first grow! It's been a while since I actively contributed to a forum, so bare with me.

I'll be growing 3 plants

  • Dark Devil Auto - Sweet Seeds (Purple zip tie)
  • Sweet Gelato Auto - Sweet Seeds (Green zip tie)
  • Cheese - Canuk Seeds (Orange zip tie)

  • Canna Coco / Pearlite
  • 3 gal fabric pots
  • Canna A/B
  • Cal-mag+

  • 4x4x6.5 tent - Secret Jardin DS120 R4.00
  • 6" 350 CFM exhaust fan - AC Infinity T6
  • Passive intake
  • Optic 4 3000k / 5000k COB 400w
  • 3gal fabric pots - Geo pot
  • Still need to purchase carbon filter
  • Humidifier as needed
  • one stationary fan for air circulation (will upgrade to oscillating at some point)

All 3 seeds were germinated on October 20th and put into pots on October 22nd. I'll summarize up until today, October 31st, using the notes I've been keeping.

Oct. 20th @ 10:30 AM
  • Soak in distilled water
Oct. 21st @ 08:30 AM
  • Into a Paper Towel and store in dark closet
Oct. 22nd @ 11:00 PM
  • Placed germinated seeds Into 3gal pots
  • 79° F / 52% RH
  • 24/0 light schedule @ 24”
  • Humidity domes made out of half a pop bottle
Oct. 22nd

Oct. 23rd @ 5:00 PM
  • Sprayed PH’d RO water into domes a couple times today
  • All three seedlings have poked through the coco
  • Cheese is the tallest so far, even though it started soaking 8 hours after the SG and DD
  • 80° / 48%
Oct, 24th @ 8:30 AM
  • Cheese and SG have shed their shells and DD is about to
  • Temp/humidity stable
  • Going to put the humidifier on in the tent today to bump RH
  • Put humidifier in around 2 PM and at highest setting sent RH to 65% (high limit is set to 65% on fan controller)
  • Turned down to low setting and RH is @ 55%





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Oct. 25th @ 8:30 AM
  • Temp 80 / RH 55
  • Refilled humidifier
  • DD has really purple stem
  • 2pm gave 1L of water between the three and took domes off
    • in retrospect probably too much water



Oct. 26th @ 7:30 AM
  • Temp 80°
  • Humidifier ran out of water overnight (RH down to 50%)
  • 200ml each of water with Cal-mag/PH 5.8
  • @8 PM moved light to 26”
  • leaves still drooping on DD
  • DD / SG seem to be stretching (light stress, under/over water? WTF)



Oct. 27th
  • 80° / 65%
  • Leaves still drooping on DD
  • Lowered light to 18”
  • Watered 1L (i think?) with 1/4 strength A/B (got distracted afterwards and forgot to log)




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Oct. 28th
  • DD seems to have perked up
  • Leaves looking a bit sun kissed. Raised light to 24”
  • Second set of leaves coming in on all 3




Oct 29th
  • Looking better today.
  • DD has some spacing between cotyledons and first node
  • Prepared 2L RO w/ 2ml A/B and 1ml of cal-mag+ PH 5.8 (for next watering)



Oct. 30th @ 7:00 PM
  • 78° / 60%
  • Fed 400ml each of yesterday’s prepared water
  • Pointed fan so it’s hitting the ladies
  • @ 7:30 changed lights from 24/0 to 18/6 (they’ll go off tomorrow at 1:30 PM and come back on @ 7:30PM)

Oct. 31st
  • 78° / 60% lights on
  • 70° / 65% lights off
  • Coco still moist knuckle deep
  • DD still has one of it's OG leaves that's pointed straight at the dirt. Looks almost dead at the tip :hmmmm:
  • Cheese almost looks like it's leaves are cupping a bit
  • SG still chugging along




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That about sums up week 1. Looking forward to seeing some progress through week 2.

Still on the look out for a filter. Was thinking can-filter but I don't think my tent can handle 25 extra lbs hanging from it.
Also thinking about grabbing some rhizotonic and cannazym for week 3.

One thing I'm still questioning is whether I put enough pearlite in my coco. I haven't seen any runoff yet. How much do you need to run through a well mixed 3gal pot of coco at once before you you see runoff?


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Feed daily to run off, go 1/4 strength nutes until the plant tells you it needs more then bump it up, don't let your coco dry out, it's not soil, with the perlite it'll be good, although I don't use perlite in mine. Check out the thread on feeding in coco in my signature, you'll get a ton of information in the first few pages!

They're looking good! I'll follow along, I'd like to see how these auto's fill out!


Happy growing!


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Hi Incogn1to.
:welcome: to. :420: You’re in the right place!
You seem to have yourself pretty well sorted.
Nice of canuckush to offer to help with the coco thing. 420 is great like that. I’m just going to strap in and wait for the flower show if that’s cool. 420 is great like that :)


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I’m subbed in. Let see what they ladies can do. Lots of amazing and talented folks here. Every looking good and your well sorted out and have done some research. Off to a great start. Popcorn just finished and I’m sitting down on the bean bag chair .. Happy Growing—— Magic


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@Canuckush thank you for reinforcing that. I get caught up in so much information here, there, everywhere, I forget to just keep it simple.

@DonkeyDick Thanks for the warm welcome. Everyone around here has been so welcoming and super quick to offer advice and encouragement. I'm hoping the show will be spectacular. :bravo:

@Magicdvdfarm :yahoo: mmmmm popcorn. Welcome and enjoy!


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Nov. 1st
The girls were pretty dry yesterday morning, so I mixed up about 6L and gave a good watering. They must have been really dry as they drank nearly all of if and only just started to have a bit of runoff after 2L each. SG was starting to lean quite a bit, so I propped her up with a twist tie stuck into the coco. I was able to remove it after watering. It was a busy day yesterday so i didn't get to take any pictures. It's starting to get cold here, so temps are coming down a bit in the tent. 77° / 55% lights on, 72° / 60% lights off after water. DD still has some crazy curling leaves. The new growth is curled almost tin a circle. Cheese is starting to show some curling upwards.

Nov. 2nd
After watering yesterday morning I just left them alone for the day and checked on them this morning to get some pictures. Cheese and SG showing lots of new growth, and DD has some but it still looks like it's suffering. It has leaves curling both up AND down. hmph! Thinking maybe I will try moving the light up another couple inches to see if maybe it's light stress.





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Nov. 3rd
is still suffering and I'm not sure what's going on. She's definitely telling me something is not right in her roots. After putting 2L into her on Nov. 1st with very little runoff I left her alone yesterday except for snapping some shots in the AM and PM. I checked up this morning and she was looking even worse. I put another 2L into her and got ~15% runoff. Not sure if at this point I should continue watering or let her dry out a bit. Temps are 77° during lights on and 70° lights off. Humidity around 55% lights on and 60% lights off. No pictures of the other two, as they're doing great!

Taken Nov. 2nd 8:15PM


Taken Nov. 3rd 9:30AM





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DD is still growing, but I don't think she's out of the woods yet. It was suggest that she's showing N toxicity. This morning I cut the Canna A out of her feeding and will do so until she tells me otherwise. I really was back and forth on whether to just cut my losses and start a couple more, seeing as how she's fallen behind the other two. Putting some positive vibes into the tent though, and hoping she bounces back!

SG and Cheese are, I think, doing very well. Here's a couple pictures from today.

Dark Devil



Sweet Gelato


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Re the DD, instead of eliminating Canna A (which is formulated to go with Canna B), since you are using pre-buffered coco, you might try dropping the Cal-Mag+ (Botanicare?). It has 2%N, and is also a different brand, which Canna cautions about mixing with Canna A/B.


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Check THIS out. Lots of good info. Did you buffer your coco?

Thanks for stopping by @FelipeBlu! I looked around the Dr. Coco site while I was doing research, and even watched the video on how to pre-buffer, but since I was using Canna I decided against doing it.

Re the DD, instead of eliminating Canna A (which is formulated to go with Canna B), since you are using pre-buffered coco, you might try dropping the Cal-Mag+ (Botanicare?). It has 2%N, and is also a different brand, which Canna cautions about mixing with Canna A/B.

Yes, cal-mag+ (botanicare, 2-0-0). I figured if it is N tox it would be better to get rid of the majority of the N. I'm not using a whole lot of calmag, so I didn't think if I excluded it that it'd make much of a difference. I haven't seen a Canna brand calmag so I don't see any option other than to use a different brand :( I guess at this point I'll keep this up for a couple days and see if she pulls through or shows any other signs of def/tox and adjust as needed.


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Day 19
And then there were two. I put DD out of her misery. She wasn't getting any better, so I decided it was time to end it. RIP.



SG and Cheese are still chugging along. Both are doing quite well and I think SG just started to show her first pistils.


I decided to try some LST on SG. How's this for a first attempt? I put an anchor at the base and pulled her over a bit below the second highest node. She felt pretty fragile any higher up than that.



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I'll be leaving for a couple days on business in the US, so I will be leaving wifey in charge of watering duties. When I get back I'm going to mix up a new batch of coco and germinate two more DDs.

Questions for anyone watching; Thus far I've only been using the 4 COBs on my light. There are also 64 red/white/blue LEDs and the switch says "bloom enhancer". Do I only switch that on when there are actual flowers appearing? I haven't touched the light since I moved it to 36" and the plants are slowly growing towards it. the manufacturer recommends 24-36" for veg, should I just let them continue growing up to the light?


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Thanks @FelipeBlu! I switched on the bloom lights when I got back. Continuing on with the LST. It's a bit tough to water with the training wires all over the pot though, might need to find watering can that doesn't have a shower head or maybe figure something else out.


The smell has increased quite a bit and the Mrs. was not impressed. I took a trip to the hydro store and picked up a carbon filter.


I've had the filter on for a couple days now and the smell is completely gone. With the cold temps coming I don't think venting it into the basement will be an issue. I was going to devise a plan to vent it outside, but I think that's maybe more trouble than it's worth. My only options are a small window (not even big enough for egress) or the ducting for the dryer vent. I don't know if the latter is even possible, even with some backdraft preventers. RH in the house is slowly dropping as outside temps drop and the furnace is running more often, so have some humidify pulled from the tent and into the house might not be the worst thing.
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