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Increasing Yield - even possible here?


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Hi guys,
Im on my first grow, day 12 of Flowering,
and a conversation with an expirienced grower today got me thinking:
Im growing 4 plants in a 60*60*160cm tent - I KNOW ITS NOT IDEAL and next grow ill only do 2.
Im currently growing in 3.34L pots (5 gallons) and the dude said
that i wont get more than 10-15 grams a plant in this 3.34L pots, and gave me
a 15L pot and recommended right now to transplant one of them and THROW AWAY the other 3
he said if ill focus in 1 ill get minimum 200 grams.
I THINK ITS TO LATE IN THIS GROW, What do you guys think?
Am i really gonna get only 10-15 grams a plant?!? :(


First grow, indoor
my setup:
60*60*160 cm HOMEBOX grow tent - I know its small for 4 plants...next time ill grow 2
strains: 2 Skunk#1 feminized, 1 Northern lights feminized, 1 Afgan kush regular
they were growing for 53 days, currently flowering day 7
light: 250 HPS + 65W florecent
grow medium: soil and coco mix
nutes: sensi flowering A+B, B52 and revive - 0.2+0.2+0.1 per litter of water
pest: organic pest control spray once a week
temp: 25-30 (thanks to the AC, in our summer without AC it will get to 35)
how far: 15-25 cm
coco ratio:dont know :\ its a ready mix from the store and it doesnt say on the bag
pot size: 5 galons
ventilation: centrifugal fan ak-100, connected to the COOLTUBE hosting the 250 HPS light + 2 six inch vents
humidity: 50%-60%
watering: every 2-3 days


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Re: INCREASING YIELD - even possible here??

Hi and Welcome. :ciao:

First of all. 3.34 L = 0.882335 US gallons - not 5 gallons

Secondly, this is your first grow and it looks pretty good, just a little clustered ( you may need to do some defoliating on ~day 21 of flower to open up the sites). But on your next grow you can experiment with growing less plants, maybe just one big one and train it out.

I wouldn't be worried if I were you, just keep on growing. :MoreNutes:

Also, you should make a journal for your plants so people can follow along! :volcano-smiley:


Aloha :surf:


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Re: INCREASING YIELD - even possible here??

by defoliating you mean lollipoping right? trimming bottom leaves?
do i also trim lower bud sites or just fan leaves? thanks!

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Re: INCREASING YIELD - even possible here??

I would just clear up some of the fan leaves that are directly blocking some of the lower bud-sites.

But like I said, you shouldn't really do this until around day ~21 or day 22. Usually people do it again around day ~42 ish.

Spend some time reading the following thread for more information on how indoor defoliation can help increase your yield a bit


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Re: INCREASING YIELD - even possible here??

Definitely finish this grow out as is. Change it up for next time.

I am curious about the actual container size. 5Gal is about 19L. I might be way off but I don't think one can fit 4 5Gal/19L containers in a 60cm2 footprint?

/Obi-Wan Cannabinoid


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my mistake with the gallon-Litter translation :)
i was recommended to grow in my 60*60 tent
only 1 plant in a 15L pot instead of 4 plants on a 3.34L pots
i know litters. so ill just stop writing in gallons. probably best for everyone ;) cheers


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That "experienced grower" sounds like a total rookie.

He told you to transplant a plant already in flower. And that doing so would give you 3 times more yield then using all 4 plants.

Guys an idiot.

Don't transplant anything. Keep them where they are and ride out the grow as they are in the 3.3L pots.


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That "experienced grower" sounds like a total rookie.

He told you to transplant a plant already in flower. And that doing so would give you 3 times more yield then using all 4 plants.

Guys an idiot.

Don't transplant anything. Keep them where they are and ride out the grow as they are in the 3.3L pots.

Definitely agreed, you will obviously get a greater yield growing all 4 as they are now. Throwing away 3 of them will waste all that time, electricity and nutrients you spent growing them! Maybe just keep the bigger buds on and defoliate the lower fan leaves/ branches and small inter-nodes to allow the plant to concentrate on where the product will be.


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IM just before watering and i dont know wether to flush them (does it look overnueted??)
or feed regularly:
0.2 per litter - Sensi flowering A+B
0.2 per litter - B52 micro nutes
0.1 per litter - Revive

Obi Wan

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Looks like perhaps some heat stress or wind burn going on. It's tough for me to decipher color under the HPS which makes it difficult to determine if there is a deficiency or nute burn happening as well. Hopefully a more experienced eye can chime in.



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1) If the problem affects only the bottom or middle of the plant go to #2. b) If it affects only the top of the plant or the growing tips, skip to #10. If the problem seems to affect the entire plant equally, skip to #6.

2) Leaves are a uniform yellow or light green; leaves die & drop; growth is slow. Leaf margins are not curled-up noticeably. >> Nitrogen(N) deficiency. b) If not, go to #3.

3) Margins of the leaves are turned up, and the tips may be twisted. Leaves are yellowing (and may turn brown), but the veins remain somewhat green. >> Magnesium (Mg) deficiency. b) If not, go to #4.

4) Leaves are browning or yellowing. Yellow, brown, or necrotic (dead) patches, especially around the edges of the leaf, which may be curled. Plant may be too tall. >> Potassium (K) deficiency. b) If not, keep reading.

5) Leaves are dark green or red/purple. Stems and petioles may have purple & red on them. Leaves may turn yellow or curl under. Leaf may drop easily. Growth may be slow and leaves may be small. >> Phosphorus(P) deficiency. b) If not, go to #6.

6) Tips of leaves are yellow, brown, or dead. Plant otherwise looks healthy & green. Stems may be soft >> Over-fertilization (especially N), over-watering, damaged roots, or insufficient soil aeration (use more sand or perlite. Occasionally due to not enough N, P, or K. b) If not, go to #7.

7) Leaves are curled under like a ram's horn, and are dark green, gray, brown, or gold. >> Over-fertilization (too much N). b) If not, go to #8…

8) The plant is wilted, even though the soil is moist. >> Over-fertilization, soggy soil, damaged roots, disease; copper deficiency (very unlikely). b) If not, go to #9.

9) Plants won't flower, even though they get 12 hours of darkness for over 2 weeks. >> The night period is not completely dark. Too much nitrogen. Too much pruning or cloning. b) If not, go to #10...

10) Leaves are yellow or white, but the veins are mostly green. >> Iron (Fe) deficiency. b) If not, go to #11.

11) Leaves are light green or yellow beginning at the base, while the leaf margins remain green. Necrotic spots may be between veins. Leaves are not twisted. >> Manganese (Mn) deficiency. b) If not, #12.

12) Leaves are twisted. Otherwise, pretty much like #11. >> Zinc (Zn) deficiency. b) If not, #13.

13) Leaves twist, then turn brown or die. >> The lights are too close to the plant. Rarely, a Calcium (Ca) or Boron (B) deficiency. b) If not… You may just have a weak plant.

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