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IND - Indonesian court finds Australian Woman Guilty of Drug Smuggling


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Bali, Indonesia - An Indonesian court Friday found an Australian beauty school student guilty of smuggling marijuana into the island of Bali.

Schapelle Corby, 27, who insists she is innocent and that the drugs were planted in her luggage, fought back tears as the verdict was announced. "Judges are of the opinion that the accused imported marijuana," Judge Wayan Suastrawan said. "She was arrested red-handed at the airport."

Corby's case drew intense interest in her home country and the court was packed with dozens of Australian journalists, Corby supporters and her relatives, including her mother and father.

Corby was convicted of smuggling more than four kilograms of marijuana into Bali's airport last year in her surfboard bag. Corby could receive a maximum penalty of death. Prosecutors, however, have requested a life sentence.

Judges will now consider two lesser charges relating to possession of illegal drugs. After that, they will issue a sentence.

Corby's lawyers allege that the drugs were planted by airport baggage handlers in Australia as part of a drug smuggling operation and that they ended up in Bali by mistake.

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Damn, I had a feeling those corrupt bastards would do this to her, what I want to know is why is Australia letting this happen? Can't they extradite her? Or do those Indo. pricks just want to see this poor women dead

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Reminds me of the movie Midnight Express. :peace: :bong: :joint:


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the court says that she may have "damaged the minds of their young" thats some fucking bullshit. I think what we need is a nother sunami to wipe the rest of those bastards out.

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Now, I could be wrong... but I believe that her main fight was that when her bags were searched when she entered the Aussie Airport... and was found clean. And then after getting off her plane in Bali they discovered the weed directly on top of all her luggage, not hidden whatsoever.

And then the Aussie Gov't refused to release the info regarding her original search in their airport when she got on the plane.... in case they had 'slipped up'.

Of course I read that in an article when it first occurred... since then I've just recently discovered the article (on the last page *grrr*) in my local paper telling of her conviction. Fortunatly, she may be lucky enough to be able to serve her 'sentence' (bah!) in Austrailia... where the 'death sentence' doesn't occur with a drug sentencing.

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A Sufer Smuggling Weed?

First off, my comments to this situtation.....


This poor girl girl is gettin hosed and nothing will be done about it.

I can see why we (stoners) shyould be outraged by the turn of events in some island, I was told nothing about through school, but sure when theres a crisis there i'll hear more than I wish. I disagree witgh the girls excuse, about fraud created againt her about that cruel nazi gov't of INDO's?, whatever you want to call them. But we should voice our outrage on this injustice but we, as a country are not far from the same sadist laws as these Asians. The Patriot Act II will ensure this. God damn it Bush has gotten to these lil bastards thats whats happening its working to plan such as a plot in a Star Wars movie. The lil Freak as we know it is ploting the death of our marijuana smoking, but if we learned anything from Bill Hicks its that we are winning the war on drugs. " We are the fucking indians in the trees while the Red Coats are out in the open looking for us, shit man, we're not in that fucking field. HA shit well we win by default. We are winning and we have yet begon to win it all for those who truly crave the freedom, one that ensures victory with a taste, one unspoken. God damn it what im trying to tell you bastards is that we are all we got when the shit hitys the fan, all that carzy bitch with a crazy mother has is Russell Crowe, and i've seen him beat the fuck outta everyone on South Park so I already know the fate of those lil evil fucks on an the island of death, when you have marijuana..... :rasta: :rasta: :rasta:

Frank Acosta
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