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Asking any present-day Drug/Pharmaceutical manufacturer if they ever used Medical Cannabis in any of their pre-1937 medical products is a bit of a joke. Each and every last one of them (while not actually denying it) will simply tell you that they don't have any records or information about the subject. All this makes it hard for present-day historians to locate and identify pre-1937 Medical Marihuana (then known as Cannabis) medical products. It is for this reason that the museum has put together the following index list; as sources of documentation, we have used the following:

* An advertisement by the company or medical article about its products - stating that they make use of cannabis.
* An actual product container or label, which states the cannabis, is an ingredient.
* A confirmation statement from a reputable librarian or company spokesperson.
* Manufacturers sales literature, such as sales and product catalogs, pamphlets, etc., stating that cannabis is in use.

Abbott Laboratories
Allaire Woodward & Co. - Peoria, IL.- (sold crude botanical drugs)
Allan Pfeiffer Chemical Co. - St. Louis, MO.
F. L. Akers, Pharmacist- .13th & Morris Sts., (southwest corner) Philadelphia, PA.
American Druggist Syndicate - Long Island, NY
[Was acquired by Drug Products Co., Inc. - Mar. 1958]
American Granule & Tablet Co. - 12 E. 7th St., Cincinnati, OH
American Hoechst Corporation
American Home Products (AHP)
[It is now also known as "Wyeth"]
P.E. Anderson & Co. - 13 Gold St. New York, NY - (sold crude botanical drugs)
[Was acquired by S.B. Penick 1925]
W. E. Armstrong
R. W. Andrus Co. (sold crude botanical drugs)
[Was acquired by P.E. Anderson & Co.]
Aulde Chemical Co., 1305 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa [era 1912]

Battle & Company 4026 Olive St., St. Louis, MO.
Bauer & Black - Chicago, IL.
The Berlin Pharmacal Co. - East Berlin, CT.
Billings Clapp Co. - Boston, MA.
Blue Line Chemical Co. the 28 South 3d St., St. Louis Mo. [Stopped Cannabis mfg. 1937]
Boehringer Ingelheim Corp.
Boericke & Tafel - Pharmacy -- 234 Sutter St., San Francisco, (mfg. portable drug kit with included cannabis) - On museum exhibit, San Jose historical museum.
S.H. boyd & Co. (Druggists and Chemists) of Wooster, Ohio.
Brewer & Co Inc. - 138-146 2nd St., Fall River, MA.
[Was acquired by Remington Arms Co., Inc. Oct. 1963]
[Was acquired by Cooper, Tinsley Lab's Inc. - Sept. 1966]
Bristol - Myers - Squibb
H. A. Brownell Co. - 97, 99, 101 Reade St. New York, NY.
Brunswick Tablet Co. - Mfg. Chemist, Chicago, IL. - [Made post-1937 medical Cannabis products].
Burrough Brothers Mfg Co. - 123 Market Place, Baltimore, MD. - [Made post-1937 medical Cannabis products].
Brewer & Co. Pharmaceutical chemists Worcester Mass
B. & W.

Cactus Remedy Company -
Caferrilli Brothers, San Antonia Tx. [1] (sold crude botanical drugs)
Cenobio Garcia & Co. [1] Laredo Tx.- (sold crude botanical drugs)
Chamberlain Medicine Company - Des Moines, Iowa.
Charles Frosst & Co. (Canadian firm - mfg. Cannabis Americana)
Charlotte Drug Co. - Charlotte, MI.
Chapman Green & Co. - 91 Washington St., Chicago, IL.
Cheney & Myrick - No. 18 Union St., Boston, MA. - (sold crude botanical drugs.)
Chicago Pharmacal Co. 5547 E. Ravenswood Ave., Chicago, IL. [Stopped Cannabis mfg. 1937] [Was acquired by Alcon Lab's - Feb. 1962]
Clinton E. Worden & Co. - 214-220 Townsend St., San Francisco, CA.
Columbus Pharmacal Co. - Columbus Ohio.
[Was acquired by Philips Roxane, Inc. Division of Philips Electronics]
Connaught Laboratories
[Acquired by Pasteur Merieux Serums & Vaccins]
Cooper Medicine Co. of Dayton Ohio
Craddock & CO. Proprietors - No.225 N 2d St. Philadelphia, PA. [era 1901]

Da-Ka-Ta Medicine Co. - P.O. Box 17, Indianapolis, IN.
Denver Manufacturing Co.
[Was acquired by "Factor, Max & Co. - Nov. 1967]
Deutsche Gold & Silber-Scheideanstalt Co. (German company)
Dios Chemical
The Druggist Cooperative Co. - St. Louis, MO.

R.J. Filliers Son Co. - (sold crude botanical drugs)
Lehn & Fink Company - 120 William St., New York, NY.
[Was acquired by Sterling Drugs, Inc. - March 1966]
Fougera & Co., Inc, E., 75 Varick St. New York, N.Y. [Sold Cannabis cigarettes 1890's - 1938]
The Fraser Tablet Company - 262 5th Ave., New York, NY
Frederick Stearns & Co. - Detroit, MI.
[Was acquired by Winthrop Stearns Lab's, Division of Sterling Drug, Inc. July 1947]

Ganapol Research Laboratories, 2718 Morris Ave., New York, N.Y.
Geo. Please (a Drug Store)- Sebastopol, CA
George I. McElway, Apothecary (Firm) (era 1890) Philadelphia, PA; 1410 Walnut Street.
Glaxo - Smith Kline
Golden Pride, Florida
[Originally a part of W.T. Rawleigh]
Grimault and Sons - (French firm)
Great American Herb Co. - Washington, DC.
A.G. Groblewski - Plymouth Pa. made Linden Cough Balsam Plymouth Pa.
TLA Greve & Bro. South-east corner of 6th and John St. (southeast corner), Cincinnati, OH.

Hance Brothers & White - Philadelphia, PA.
S.H. Hanna Co. - (sold crude botanical drugs)
Dr. Hess & Clark Inc. - Ashland, OH.
R. Hillier's Son Co. - 100 William St., New York, NY. (sold crude botanical drugs)
[Was acquired by S.B. Penick early 1930's]
Hillside Chemical Co. Newburg, N.Y. [1] (sold crude botanical drugs)
C.L. Hisking - (sold crude botanical drugs)
Hollings-Smith Co., Orangeburg, N.Y. - (sold drugs under the trade name Bell's)
J.L. Hopkins & Co. - 220 Broadway, New York City, NY. (sold crude botanical drugs)
[Was acquired by S.B. Penick June 1953]
Huber & Fuhrman Drug Mills - Fond Du Lac., WI. (sold crude botanical drugs)
J. T. Huffman - Manito, IL. (sold crude botanical drugs) stopped dealing after 1937.
Humphreys' Homeopathic Medicine Co. - 109 Fulton St., New York, NY.

Frederick F. Ingram & Co. - 37--39 Larned St., West Detroit, MI.
J. Armengol - Laredo Tx. (era 1916) [1] - (sold crude botanical drugs)
Johnson And Johnson
Kramer Pharmacal Co. Buffalo, N.Y.
B. Keith & Co. - New York, NY.
Keysall Pharmacal Co. - Kansas City, MI.
Korn Pop Remedy Co. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

John P. Lee Drug House - W. Harrison & Springfield & 5th Ave., Chicago, IL.
Lewis Bear Drug Co. Montgomery, Ala
Liebig's - Could be a store brand, mfg. a Corn remover
Linden Cough Balsam Plymouth Pa. -
Eli Lilly and Company - Indianapolis In.
Luyties Pharmacal Company - 4200 Laciede Ave., St. Louis MO.
Lloyd Brothers, Pharmacists Inc
[Originally a part of "H. Merrell Co."]
[Acquired by S.B. Penick 1936 ; Was acquired by American Hoechst Corp. July 1960]

The Maltbie Chemical Co. - 250 High St., Newark, NJ.
[Was acquired by Wallace & Tiernan, Inc. Nov. 1954 ]
McIlvaine Brothers- 1500-20 Hamilton St., Philadelphia, PA. (sold crude botanical drugs)
McKesson & Robbins, Inc.
[Originally called "McKesson & Robins"] [Renamed Foremost-McKesson, Inc. - July 1967]
McNeil Laboratories, Inc. - 2900 N. 17th St. Philadelphia, Pa.
[Acquired by Johnson & Johnson - Jan. 1959]
William S. Merrell & Co. (Not to be confused with Lloyds Brothers.) Cincinnati, OH.
Mexican Products Co.[1] Laredo Tx - - (sold crude botanical drugs)
Meyer Brothers Drug Co., St. Louis , Missouri [1] - (sold crude botanical drugs)
S.E. Massengill Company of Bristol, Tenn.
Mobile Drug Co., 15-17 South Water St., Mobile Al. [wholesale drug distributor - Stopped supplying Cannabis 1937] - [Was acquired by Dorr Drug Co. Aug. 1959]
H.K. Mulford Co.
[Acquired by Merck & Co.]
Murray Nickle Mfg. Co. - Elgin, IL. (sold crude botanical drugs)
[Acquired by S.B. Penick 1937]

National Drug Co.
Near's Drug Store, Inc, 137 Broadway Paterson N.J.
Nelson Baker & Co. - Detroit, MI.
[Was acquired by Purepac Corp. - Feb 1950]
New York Alkaloid & Extract Co. - 100 William St., New York, NY.
Norwich Pharmical Co. - Norwich, New York

Orion Pharmacal Co. - 1721 E. 85th St. Chicago, IL. (made post-1937 products)
Otto Jafnel, Prop. - Deutsche Apotheke Liberty, New York - (Jafnel's Famous Corn Popper).
Parke, Davis & Co
[Acquired by Pfeiffer Inc.]
Pasteur Merieux Serums & Vaccins
[acquired Connaught Laboratories]
E.L. Patch Co. - 99 North St. Boston, Mass.
Pearl Day Co. - (sold crude botanical drugs)
Peek & Velsor - 9 Gold St., New York, NY. (sold crude botanical drugs)
[Acquired by S.B. Penick July 1952]
S.B. Penick & Co.
[Acquired by Corn Products Corp. (CPC) 1967]
Allan Pfeiffer Co.
Pfeiffer Inc.
Pfeiffer Chemical Co. - New York, St. Louis
Physicians Pharmacal Co. - 133-139 Beaubien St., Detroit, MI.- [1902]
Pitman-Myers Co. - Indianapolis, IN.
Pitman-Moore Co.

W.T. Rawleigh's Co. Freeport, IL.
[Now a part of Golden Pride]
Red Cross Chemical Works, 327 Elm St., Chicago, IL
Roche Pharmaceuticals
[Originally "Hoffman-LaRoche"]
Davies, Rose & co. - Limited - Pharmaceutical Manufacturers - Boston Mass.
Roxanne Laboratories
[Acquired by Boehringer Ingelheim Corp. // Originally called "The Columbus Pharmacal Corp."]

Salk Institute
[Originally called National Drug Co.]
[Acquired by Connaught Laboratories]
San Antonio Drug Company - Tx [1] (sold crude botanical drugs)
Sayville Pharmacy (probably a small drug store)
Schieffelin & Co. - New York, NY.
Seabury & Johnson - New York, NY.
Searle & Hereth Co. - 69-75 Wells St., (corner Illinois St.), Chicago, IL.
Searle, G. D. & Co., 4785 Ravenswood Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Sharp & Dohme, Inc.
[Merged with Merck & Co. - April 1953]
The Schuemann-Jones Company; Cleveland Ohio.
Old Dr. Sloans'
Smith Kline
[Now a part of "Glaxo-Smith Kline"]
Snow's Veterinary - Knowboro, NY.
E.R. Squibb & Sons.
[Now a part of "Bristol Myers-Squibb"]
Stanley Jordass Co. - (sold crude botanical drugs)
[G.S. Stoddard & co. was acquired by Yates Drug Co. July 1953]
Strong, Cobb & Co. - Cleveland, OH.
[Was acquired by Bryant Pharmaceutical July 1957 ; Was renamed "Strong Cobb Arner, Inc." May 1959]
Sutliff & Case Company, Established 1883 Peoria, IL.

Tancro Drug Co - Made cough syrups with cananbis.
Tilden & Co. - New Lebanon, NY.
[Was acquired by Textron Pharmaceutical, Inc. - Jan. 1961]
[Was acquired by Yates Drug Co. Mar. 1963]
L. A. Thomas Drug Co. - Macon, GA. (corner of 4th and Arch, probably a small drug store)

UpJohn Co.
Victor Remedies Co. - Fredbrick, MD.

Henry K. Wampole & Co. - 426-430 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia, PA.
[Was acquired by Denver Chemical Mfg. Co. - Sept. 1957]
Warner Wm. R., & Co., Inc., 118 West 18th St., New York, N.Y.
Warren-Teed Products Co. - Columbus, OH.
[Was acquired by Rohm & Hass Co. - July 1963]
Waterbury Pharmacal Co., Inc., 133 W. 18th St., New York, N.Y.
Wyandotte Indian Medicine Co.
John Wyeth & Brother Co.
[Acquired by "American Home Products"]
Webb Manufactureing Co. - Nashville, TN.
Westerfield Pharmacal Co., Inc., 11 St. Dayton, Ohio
William R. Warner & Co., Inc, - New York, St. Louis
[Was acquired by Warner Chilcott Lab's, Division of Warner-Hudnut, Inc. Dec 1952]
Williams Co., Inc., Utica, New York, NY.(most likely a small drug store) - A.H. Williams Druggists.
Wise's Kansas City Homeopathic Pharmacy Co. - 1115 Wyandotte St. Kansas City, Mo. USA.
James Woolly, Sons - Manchester
Wrede & Lange - 13 Gold St., New York, NY. (sold crude botanical drugs)

Yates Drug Co. [Tilden-Yates Lab's - was acquired by Chemway Corp. - Dec. 1967]
T. B. Young - (sold crude botanical drugs)

[Drug manufactures whose products (while unproven) in all probability contained Cannabis]
Nathan Tucker M.D.
E.D. Hill - Cincinnati, OH.
William H. Baker & Co. - St. Louis MO.
Lathrop's pharmacy - Lincoln, Nebraska (as seen in the "Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association" -- March 1923 pp208)

[Seed & herb importers/wholesalers whose products may have been used in medical applications]
Albert Dickinsen - Seed Merchant - (sold Hemp seeds)
The Philadelphia Seed Co. - (sold sterilized seeds after 1937)
Maxim Hershey Seed Co. - 81 New Street, New York City - (sold Hemp seeds, 1917)
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