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Indica harvest question - See Photo


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Hello all!

Ive got a happy indica that's 36 days into flower right now. (Perhaps not too happy as most fan leaves have yellowed and fallen by now.) I snapped this photo earlier tonight. Since this is my first grow I would appreciate a few more eyes. My eyes are telling me that everything is cloudy.

So I'm thinking it looks like I am nearly ready for harvest. Isn't 36 days a bit on the quick side for flower? How much longer do I have or should I be flushing now? Last water with nutes was only 4 days ago.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! See my grow thread in my sig for additional photos, details and history.

Thank you all!

Neil Rothwell

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Looks close, any amber yet? As for the 36 days, it does seem very early but who knows, it may have been crossed with an autoflower which start their flower development without the 12/12 light schedule.

Neil Rothwell

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The length of veg may affect flower development but, it is more likely the strain/genetics of the plant is triggering the tric's.
Flushing was always more necessary for hydroponic setup's due to the lack of root medium which locks up a percentage of the salts to be used up by the plant with flushing. Depending on the grow and the point at which you want to harvest will determine when to flush. No one knows your setup better than you so read a few posts and watch a couple of youtube vid's on flushing. The decision has to come from you alone I'm afraid.

Cloudy tric's provide a heady high, the more amber the more body high. The trichomes usually take between 2-4 weeks to all turn amber most of the time. Begin flushing when the first amber is spotted. after 1 week the trichomes should be 10-20% (check them daily to make sure you don't go further than you want with the amber ratio. Also keep an eye out for mold more so now than ever while the plant is finishing.

The last thing you can try is leaving the plants in complete darkness for 1-2 days before cutting them down. This is supposed to be an extended night which is when the plant makes trichomes, so by tricking it into thinking it's night, trichome production is maxed out to the bitter end.

Don't get too stressed out by all this info. We are all learning every single day we are alive, think of this as just a hobby with two seasons a year and if you keep track of each step performed you will grow an amazing plant one day and it will all click into place.
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