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Indicantonio Grow Journal 4x4 Tent 400MH/600HPS


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Hope you enjoy my first grow journal.


Dark Room4x4 "DR120" $240.00
Sun Spot 6" Reflector $85.00
Digital Lumatek 600w $165.00
Optilume MH 400w $20.00
Ushio HPS 600w $60.00
Air extraction
Can max fan 6" (654CFM)$120.00
Can lite 6" filter $125.00
Air intake
Vortex 4 inch (172CFM) $120.00
Fox farms ocean forest $12.00
Total setup $1400.00


My current and first grow consists of 6 Kosher Kush from Reserva Privada, 1 OG Kush from DNA Genetics and 1 Cannalope Kush from DNA Genetics.

Before I start babbling about my grow I would like to express what I am looking to get out of growing. I am not a cash cropper even though I do enjoy quantity, but my main goal is to have high quality medicine and also be able to truly see the genetics of the strains I will be choosing. I really want to see if I will ever be able to grow medicine that I can hands down say "I prefer this over my local dispensary medicine".

Here is a little run down of what has happened in the short life of these beautiful ladies.

10/22/2012 — Began germination; the seeds were submerged in tap water for 20 minutes and then inserted in peat pots filled with Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil. The germination station maintained ideal temperatures between 70°F to 77°F.

10/24/2012 — Two days into germinating the first sight of cotyledon's emerged from the soil.

10/26/2012 — 18/6 light cycle began. Up until this point the plants were enclosed in a germination station to help increase humidity. The temperature was always kept between 80°F to 85°F and around 70% humidity.

10/31/2012 — I transplanted them into 1 gallon pots. First, I heavily sprayed the peat pots with water and crumbled the pot a bit and placed them directly into the soil. Once I was done I generously watered them.

11/16/2012 — The first time feeding with nutrients. I used less than half of the recommended dose as directed in the feeding chart by Fox farms nutrients. As of right now I've used big bloom but now, in the vegetative state I will be using both big bloom and grow big. I will be watering under the recommended dose every other watering.

One of the 6 Kosher Kush was deformed, it was not creating more internodes only making a deformed top fan leaf.

11/17/2012 — The deformed Kosher Kush was topped right before the first internode, the deformed top of the plant did not let any internodes grow, all the growth was on some deformed top leaves. The two tops are vigorously growing and looking "normal."

11/21/2012 - All the plants were fimmed except the one plant I let my girlfriend FIM and she FIMMED' and topped the plant. They were all fimmed between the 5th and 6th internode with a sterile scissor.

11/24/2012 - Started to LST the ladies for SCROG.

I am currently really high so I'm going to go ahead and post/edit and add pictures to this comment tomorrow.;););)


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Hello Again, now that I am not completely medicated lets continue with some pictures of the ladies/setup











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Flower week 3 day 23

Happy new year 420Magazine!

I've been real busy working most of x-mas so I haven't really had any time with the garden or time for updating RIU. I also have been out for the past 5 days me and my girlfriend went up to San Francisco and Yosemite for a quick little getaway.

Today 12/31/2012 I woke up around 4am already wanting to leave the cabin in Yosemite to be able to arrive on time to see the ladies. Even though we thoroughly watered them before leaving on vacation 12/27/2012 they were pretty dry we just watered them real good and took a couple of pictures. Once I have time I'll write up a descent post.

Here are some pics;

Week 3 day 23


Kind of ran out of space pic from Week 3 day 23.


Canopy shot Week 3 day 23


Tiny tops everywhere Week 3 day 23
"I put a rotating fan inside the grow, made sure to tape up any small LED fan light. Its really moving the air around"

The tops are really starting to show, the only stinky one is the OG-Kush no smell on the Koshers yet. Week 3 day 23



Was surprised to find these roots sticking out ot of the bottom of the Air-pots. I can't wait to see the root system once harvest comes around. Should I be worried about roots sticking out like this?


Thank you for stopping by.

And happy new year!

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How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info! :1:

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read the photo gallery tutorial:
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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world.

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine.
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