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This is probably my first international forum I joinning in, so please excused my communication or writing skill is a bit dull/bad, since english is not my mother tongue language.
But I'm pretty confident on my direct english conversation.

I myself is not a cannabis user, not ever for medical purposes.
I just interested in cannabis talks, pros and cons around it.

But, as I said in the title, I am an acehnese, one of the tribe in Indonesia. Our traditions having a relation with cannabis, which internationally known, especially in southeast asian.

almost all illegal cannabis you can found all around indonesia, and probably half of cannabis distributed in southeast asia, is planted in Aceh.

An english man once told me that acehnese ganja have some kind of reputation among cannabis user, because of its natural farming system.
This english man is a european tourist that i guide and accompanied to score ganja and smoking it (for medical purpose) in one of the beash beach in the world. I will post about this trip later.

Despite all indonesian & islamic law tied on our life, ganja is literally easy to score for us locals.

Here in aceh, The authorities dont really have time to care about 1 or 2 joints in your pocket, they only eyed for large plantations deep in the mountain, which they hardly could found any suspect or even catch the farmers.

This just some I can write about my land.
By writing this, I actually trying to make some fortune by making you guys interested to visit my land. LOL
I hope it doesnt violate any rules in this forums.

If, you have anything to ask, i pleased to respond.

Ian Bastage

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Welcome noulan :welcome:

You don’t need to apologize for your communication skills. You are doing fine.

I am sure that there would be interest in Aceh (the northern province of the island of Sumatra for those reading this that might need directions). Our forums are organized by Topic & while we do not have a travelogue section, we do have region specific forums. You can post in Forum > 420 > INTERNATIONAL > Asia if you wish & you might find some countrymen. Or you can try Forum > 420 LOUNGE > General 420 Talk to tell us more about the cannabis scene in Indonesia.

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