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the more i check it out the more i want to do it as well!!
and even get a T5 and a dome to start them off in be alot easier to control a smaller environment
just heard so many bad things about transplanting autos
i started 2 more seeds in some .3g or something to replace the 2 runty ones, might swap em out we'll see how they grow, updates tomorrow


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Day 28
risky shit goin on maybe?
topped 3 of the ladies today
jumped nutes up to 0.8 EC
and cleaned all the other leaves off of one HBS, just to see how she would react
other 2 seedlings seem to be coming along nicely, but i only have the one light and they are all in the same tent together

this one didt pull off as easy as the other two dunno if i topped her or not, but i did cut something off with some scissors


feels like a naked lady


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Day 30
plants seem healthy and goodish
two of the topped ones have some new growth and lookin bigger
the one that i cleaned up lookin healthy but shows no new signs of growth, so maybe that stunted the shit out of her
prob get some hempy buckets together for the next 2 ladies that are i have no idea how old, forgot to write down when i planted them



and ya i went and got some more coco and topped them bitches up for ya


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With those pots your using, the water likes to seep out the holes on the side, the roots towards the bottom may not be getting any food . so I would very slowly feed at least a gallon (4L) of water to them, if not over a gallon. Adding the water very slowly to allow the coco to take on the moisture, ensuring you that all of the roots have been fed, and doing so, pulling oxygen down with it to those roots.

I feed a gallon of water to my 5 gal cloth pots.

I’ve heard good things about those pots, but from my experience, I don’t like them all that much because of the huge holes along the sides. Making it hard to feed properly.

Plants love BLT (bacon lettuce tomato) when you feed a BLt to the plant, but not all the water goes to the roots, or not see runoff out the bottom (for example) Your feeding a lot of bacon, a lil lettuce, and a lil to no tomato. They look dry, so you feed them again, giving them another BLT. With a lot of bacon, a lil lettuce, and again a lil to no tomato, as well as feeding off the scraps of the old BLT left behind.

When fed and watered properly, (allowing all the water to run through the pot and out the bottom) your feeding the entire BLT towards those roots. Once you see run off out the bottom (but not the sides) that ensures you that the roots took the entire BLT. Also ensuring you that the water is pulling down oxygen along with it to the roots, because oxygen going those roots are just as important as those nutrients.


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Day 34
things not lookin bad
tops starting to come out of the plant now, keep bending them down , still not long enough to tie down
dont want to LST the ones i topped, well im gonna tie down some tops when they get long enough, just not going to bend the whole plant over this time
cleaned up one was def behind but is showing some new growth finally


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