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Indoor Auto "Shot Adrenaline" by Samsara - 1st Grow


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Hello there!

This is my first attempt. okay so far, i think.
2 plants in coco/soil-mix in 1gal (4l) pots under
4 cfls (145w, ~ 8200 lm, mixed spectrum) in a
box (styrof. 50cm/50cm/1m),
22- 24 Celsius and humidity ~60.
Light cylcle: 18/6.
-little bit of guano
-willow bark extract in the beginning.
-sometimes small amounts of 4/7/7 NPK.
-molasses water and coffee.
-tap water, ph 7,6
strain: Samsara "shot adrenaline" fem. autos (white dwarf x skunk)

Germinated around 4/20 ^^
In flower for 2 1/2 weeks.
now 45-50cm tall.
Samsara says they would take 9-10 weeks

now, look at the pics in my gallery, please.
as this is my first time, i wonder how long it´s gonna take till harvest acc to plants´ status?
maybe s.o. could also estimate the possible yield? 10g each?
and one more: plant N. got some yellowing leaves, starting at the bottom - is this normal in this time or some nutrition deficiency?

greetings, thanks..
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Re: indoor auto "shot adrenaline" by Samsara (1st grow)

Welcome to the show my friend :Namaste:

I don't see the yellowing you are talking about but, I do see some nute burn, slight but present in a couple of these. They otherwise look pretty good.
Hard to say what your yield per plant will be... there is a lot that can happen between here and there.

Heck, your plants look good overall, I would just keep doing what your doing! :bravo:

PS... here is a link to help you w/posting your photos, just scroll down to the part about copying and pasting the direct links:

Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos


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Re: indoor auto "shot adrenaline" by Samsara (1st grow)

thanks mates for the fast replys, love it, thanks for good advices!!


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Re: indoor auto "shot adrenaline" by Samsara (1st grow)

oh, and i think those burnt parts are because i had them to close to the lights for some time...


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Re: indoor auto "shot adrenaline" by Samsara (1st grow)

hey folks,
the ladies are quite grown up now. had taken some pics over the last weeks, but these
are really fresh.

my question is, if these are ready or when they´d be ready, estimated. i know this stuff ´bout THC decrease and CBD production (Samsara says, this would be a "mostly sativa" ruderalis hybrid, but with these "auto"strains, i think genetics are complex ..)

so: just looking for some suggestions, where it´s at or how far to go or what should happen from now on. i´d say they´re pretty close...


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