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Indoor Auto White Widow With ItsTommyGunnz


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What's up, some of you will know me as MaryJANE01, but from now on this is my only page and I'll be going by ItsTommyGunnz. Some of you may also know that I previously had been growing another white widow plant that went all wrong from day one. After 6-7 weeks in I found root aphids crawling around and eventually just gave up on her.

So with some knowledge behind me now and a good set up, I'm trying again and hopefully we'll see better results.

I won't be taking the chance of getting any aphid infestations this time or any other insects so I'm using neem oil spray twice a week on the medium throughout the entire grow until flush.

If you're interested in watching this indoor grow then hit subscribe, bit more info on this grow below;

Autoflowering Feminised White Widow

Hybrid (Mostly Indica)

1 Plant


10L pot with pure coco coir

I'll be using a homemade grow box with a small 9v fan to keep fresh air circulating and to strengthen the plant. There is a heater to keep those temps up and a flat white surface inside for good light reflection without "hot spots".

I will also be using 2x 23watt warm white CFLs = 2x 100watt incandescents and a 60 watt full spectrum LED. I'm going to keep temps at 23-26 celcius, Rh 45-60% and pH 5.9/6.0

I am using bio grow, AHH (advanced hydroponics of holland #2 bloom) and cal-mag for feeds. Neem oil spray as an organic repellent for bugs and insects.

Week 0: After planting

Water with 0.5ml cal-mag pH 5.9/6.0 until sprout.

Week 1: Seedling

I will start to give bio grow at 0.5ml bringing it to 1ml by the end of the week. I will also bring the cal-mag to 1ml by the end of the week too.

Week 2: Vegetative

I will bring the bio grow and cal-mag both to 2ml by the end of this week. I will also start to introduce the AHH (advanced hydroponics of holland #2 bloom) at 0.5ml bringing it to 1ml by the end of the week.

Week 3: vegetative

Keeping feeds the same this week. (2ml bio grow, 1ml AHH, 2ml cal-mag).

Week 4: transition

I'll raise the AHH to 2ml by the end of this week entering the flowering stage.

Week 5: early flower

Keeping all nutrients at 2ml this week.

Week 6: early flower

Raising AHH to 2.5ml this week.

Week 7: mid flower

Again raising the AHH to 3ml.

Week 8: mid flower

I'll start to lower the bio grow back to 1ml this week. I'll be raising the AHH to 3.5ml too.

Week 9: late flower

I will stop using the bio grow this week and the AHH will be brought to 4ml to fill the buds.

Week 10: late flower

Feeds will be the same this week. (4ml AHH, 2ml cal-mag).

Week 11/12: flush

Straight water pH 5.9/6.0

Just a rough schedule of what my plans are but we'll see once the grow takes place. I'll be feeding every 2/3 waterings to give her a break between. Hope you will stay and watch this bitch grow with me, any questions just ask and I'll answer . This grow won't be taking place until just a little under a months time on the 18/Sep but I said I'd just open up the journal so people can get settled in if there staying. See ye then I hope!! ✌


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it happens ... ;)
speaking of stoned ... my last harvest is quiet numbing ... its a heavy bodystone and virtually no head .... hmm ... i need more hybrids in the future i liked my blue dream auto ... i kinda miss it ...
Yeah, I prefer an Indica strain myself or a higher percentage of Indica in hybrids. I'm looking for a head high.

You can always grow some more blue dream in the future.. I'm not sure what I'll try next if this goes well.


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Fresh bottle of bio grow today, I got new 10l pots as well because I want to use all new stuff to keep everything clean, there is only one drainage hole in the centre of them though. Do you think I should drill more holes in the bottom for better drainage?
I thought I would let you know I started my second journal today since I can't add it to my sig with this phone, if you are interested you could go to journals in progress and look it up or the easiest way is to click on my name on this post, then click on my post and you should see it, the title is Tom Smith's Second Run With Autos 2017, everyone is welcome to come along for the ride.✌


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Fresh bottle of bio grow today, I got new 10l pots as well because I want to use all new stuff to keep everything clean, there is only one drainage hole in the centre of them though. Do you think I should drill more holes in the bottom for better drainage?
Yea I always put alot of drainage holes in the bottom of my buckets, I usually grow in a 5-gallon oil bucket so I drill my own holes, I probably put way more than I need but I would rather have more than I need than not enough forsure.✌


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It's getting closer to that time [emoji100]

So far I have upgraded the heater to a smaller 40w one that fits inside the box and I've upgraded the pc fan to a 6" clip on one.

I have a fresh book of litmus paper ready to be used, a new coir grow bag (I will be putting it into a 10l pot instead of growing in the bag for better drainage) speaking of which I bought new 10l pots for the grow also.

I have a fresh bottle of bio-grow waiting to be used and I have some AHH#2 bloom left over from last time so I'll be using that too.

I have the neem oil already from trying to save the last plant so I'm just waiting for my hygrometer to come and I have to pick up some cal-mag and ph up&down then we're all set to go.


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Got the cal-mag sorted today and I will be ordering the pH up and down on Monday 4/9 and it's 10 working days estimated delivery so i'll be expecting to have it on Monday 18/9 as planned. My hygrometer should definitely be here by then too so I can get started right away!

Few pics of what I'm working with below and I have a some fence that I cut to fit inside the box that I might use as a scrog. Depending how it goes I will consider doing some LST.

And I have two of these fellas..


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Nothing to do with this grow but to pass the time I've decided to germinate one of my RS seeds (random shit/bag seeds) I've literally just dug up some dirt from outside and threw it into the pot, it was rocky ground so there's a bit of stone in it that I left to help with drainage.

I'm just going to plant the seed when it's ready and leave it do what it wants I'm not even watering it I'm going to let nature do its thing. Probably will be very bad or die after a week but my focus is on the white Widow anyway so who cares!

I'm leaving it near nettles outside, I thought since these plants are closely related that it would have some better chance of surviving where there are nettles. We'll see what happens

Macro shot


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Great news, last orders came today so I'll be starting a week earlier than what I thought [emoji847]

At the moment I've just rehydrated the coco and put it into the 10L pot.
I also have the white widow germinating in a shot glass of water pH around 5.5-6 judging from the litmus paper.
I've cleaned the box again and sprayed it with some neem oil before I start and I just sprayed the pot lightly before adding the coco.

Last two RS seeds didn't even germinate so I just threw them out.

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