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Indoor AutoFlower Gowing Upgrade


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Right iv growen afew auto flowers now and a cople of different strains:) iv learned alot from when i started and plants have been better and better in over all. But... here my quiestion, my autoflowers bud nealy all look and smell the same??? is this suppose to be?? i thought id be able to smell the and see the original genetic caraistics to some degree :( and i havent yield over 10grams dry yet either. i need help on thesse situtions any sugestions or info would be much appreciated. Thanks :peace:Indo


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Give us an idea or pictures of your setup will help us offer suggestions to improve your yield.

What training do you do?
How often do you wateR?
pot size?
light type?
# of lights?
wattage of lights?
nutes used?
growing medium?
grow room temp?
grow room humidity?
PH of medium?
PH of water?
PH of nutes?
PH of runoff?
How do you water?

Be as specific as possible!


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well iv no pics atm because nothings built yet but here the info. il be LST-ing if anything. Water ever 2-3 days. 11L Square pots. Cfls 125w x2 blue and red spec. and T5 blue spec 2 25w. As for nutes iv G.O organic and doubt il be using them, maby one dose a grow:) Gow Med - Soil. temp and air im gona try get and keep perfect :D 25-27oC and high hum and young growth and low at old. Water ph and soil ph are perfect. soils buffered and the waters 6.3-6.8 and i water with a 1L sprayer and wet all the soil on top about 200ml-300ml a plant depending:) :peace:


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Well everything seems decent, so it doesn't sound like it's something you're doing wrong.

Have you compared the strains you grew, and looked at Sativa % Indica % and Ruderalis %?

I'm currently growing a plant that is 88% Sativa and 12% Indica next to a plant that is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa, and the leaf structure looks similar on both. But the smell is slightly different.

Do you have pictures of these plants that you grew?

And how good is your nose to detect smells? That will also play a part in your question.
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