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Indoor CFL Auto White Widow - Auto Polar Express & Auto #1


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First ever grow looking for advice and help through the grow

Grow area- 2ft*2ft*4ft*
Lights 2-42watt 6500k
4-26watt 6500k
4-23watt 2700k
Seeds- 1- dinefem whit widow auto
1- polar express auto
1- auto seeds auto #1
Soil- foxfarms ocean forest with hydrolite(perlite substitute) and dolomite lime mix
Nutrients- jacks classic all purpose, jacks blooms booster
Ph of soil- 6.5-7
Size of pots 5in*5in*8in deep
Circulations- 100 cfm PC fan intake exhaust fan with carbon filter


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Re: Indoor cfl auto white widow, auto polar express and auto#1

post a picture then i might help w a comment. im new here, i think im doing it wrong, all these journals have 1 post, i need 50 posts before i can have a journal so im just saying hello, i hope im doing this right, i want to follow some journals before i start my own, thank you

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