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Indoor garden drainage systems DIY - How to?


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Im going to be lst and trellising my plants in a 10'x12' room. if im using a trellis with screen of green method then the plants are somewhat fixed in position

im using coco so ill need monthly flushing and run off at each watering. do you guys have any ideas for a drainage system for my indoor grow??

im thinking maybe a drainage table that runs off to a large tubberware with a submersable pump in it that i use a hose to pump to my bathroom 10 feet away.

also was thinking maybe no table, leave the pots in a water catcher and use a pump to suck the water out of each plant after each watering to a large tuperware that then dumps into bathroom.

either way they are just begining thoughts, i really dont have any idea where to start cause im new here.

what solutioins have u guys found???



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shop vac if anyone comes looking here. found that idea at growpotcheaply.com. that guy has lots of good ideas.

also all the talk about constant run off with coco im not doing.
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