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Indoor germination/ Outdoor vegging questions


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hey guys, i have 3 sage seeds germinated in rockwool cubes inside under cfl's. right now they are under 24 hours of light and are 13 days old and looking great. as soon as they are strong enough they will be outdooor plants, my only concern is that they will notice a dramatic light duration change and confuse them into flowering early. does anyone have experience bringing seedlings outside after using cfls during the seedling stage? or should i possibly change the light to 18/6 for a week and then leave them out after that in order to acclimate them. i live in southern cal so there is usually plenty of sunshine. Any advice or ideas would be appreicated

Juicy D

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you need to figure out how much light you get a day outside and slowly adjust your timer of your cfls to that of the light outdoors..understand? look around the forum..there is alot of threads on this topic...
good luck on your grow man!! keep em healthy :)
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