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Indoor guy here

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whats up all ,

i am new to this site , got a 2 lite set up atm , upgrading to 4 after i crop out... i dont bs alot so not sure what else to say here... peace
Hi cyrystic, :welcome: to the 420Magazine forums.
:thanks: for joining us.
We a spreading cannabis/hemp awareness.
Please don't be shy. Telling us something about yourself isn't BSing.
I'm disabled and care about people. I also believe in God.
It's easy.
I hope to see you posting in the forums. :439:
No BS there from CocoJoe, One of the Nicest guy Around here!
Just don't make him angry. :laugh2: Jokin'

:welcome: cyrystic Glad your here.
Any Question we can help you with?
Looking for some Info?
CocoJoe and All are here to get there.
We want you to enjoy what 420 has for you Friend.
Continue to spend time getting to know us and find great information that will help you every step of the way.
Happy Growin and see you around. :peace:
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thank you both for the warm welcome... i am doing fairly well for my first indoor attempt so far ... i have 9 purple nepal , 2 aurora , 2 mr. nice , and 5 rhino wrecks ( I can not find anything on these anywhere :( they are supposed to be 50/50 with train wreck and white rhino ) i also had 5 pink armageddon but the clones were all bad cept 1 so i just kept it for head smoke ( this strain smells amazing ) anyways i have pictures of all my current strains ( taken with my phone so they arent crystal clear but you can get an idea of what i am working with... they are all about 3 weeks from done... I allways welcome constructive critisism and advice so feel free to comment...
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not on this grow ( being my first and i had other people involved ) but once i upgrade to a full sealed room I will keep some good notes and post a thread on here .