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Indoor Marijuana Nurseries Appearing in northeast Ohio


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CLEVELAND (AP) - Police say gangs are setting up large indoor marijuana-growing operations in northeast Ohio.

So far this summer, police have found three basement nurseries in Geauga, Portage and Lake counties.

And last year, police discovered a network of houses in Medina and Lorain counties.

Most of the homes contained hundreds of marijuana plants.

Police say the operations are typically placed in large, expensive suburban homes and are run by Vietnamese gangs who have been moving across the border from Canada to take advantage of the US market.

Since 2006, 15 Vietnamese immigrants have been arrested in northeast Ohio in connection with the pot-growing operations.

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Jim Finnel

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LBJ tried to warn us.

if we lose in vietnam we'll be fighting them here.

so in 20 years i guess it will be iraqi's doing the growing here.
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