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Indoor Med Grow. cheese, bubba kush, diesel, 3D, JillyBean


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Here is my current grow.
A Legal Med grow Indoors

2000 watts aircooled with 6" vortex

room is 10x10
5x5 area for soil plants (organic)
5x5 area for my DIY flood table
4x4 area for soil (non-organic)
rest of room is used for storage.

5x5 hydro table
strains: cheese (GH), Diesel, bubba kush
Advanced Nutes

Soil Plants 5x5: 3D and Jilly bean in Subcool's super soil (Organic)

soil plants 4x4: 3D, jilly bean, cheese, bubba kush
feeding with GH floranova, big bud, and budcandy.

I will complete the journal as i progress.
welcome any questions

Scott Wheelman

Legal Advisor
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