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Indoor Mentor wanted


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HI ,
Im a new member here and have posted a few questions and comments, as well as posted some pics of my current indoor soil grow. I am an avid outdoor grower and have been for years here in New England.
I grow for a Medium size circle of friends and family for mainly medical piurposes( I am epileptic and my Wife suffers from chronic pain/Muscle spasms Due to several Jaw replacements and surgeries from a Mastioblastoma
for over the last 10 years) Typically my outdoor grows yield me approx 6-8lbs a season with that being said a bad summer growing season can drastically reduce my yields which has happened more times than I can remember.
Let me say this is not a financial venture for me. My circle of friends(I call it a Co-op) all pitch in on seed
stock (pick the strain) and what ever nutes I use which is next to none outdoors as I have a small self sufficient family farm with horses ,pigs, chickens and turkeys. a blend of aged compost and manure is awesome for outdoor but not indoors as it would most def invite pests and odors into my home. I take all the risk and my reward is providing a safe place for my close friends and family to get theirs meds without contributing to the black market or risk themselves getting into trouble as well as a few Zips for myself.
I am looking to seriously grow indoors where I can control the environment ect. I would like to learn cloning, Ive read quite a lot in these forums and at tiimes the vast amount of information can actually be more confusing than helpful with all the differing opinions and processes.
Rather than grasp at every bit of information and trial and error testing I would hope that maybe a established grower would be willing to hep me out with a grow from setup to dried and cured.
I have a 8ftx11ft room that I can layout anyway you would reccomend I prefer to use 400wat lights
1 for veg and 1 for flower I am an exp Hvac installer so climate control is just a matter of determing optimal temp,humidity ect... I will not use c02 as I believe that constant fresh air into the room will provide adequate
amounts. I know this is a bit long so Ill cut it short but I would love to learn indoor growing from someone who has been successful at it rather than waste a bunch of seed, money, nutes, time Ect..
This would be a serious commitment from me and I would expect it to be from whomever is willing to take on this adventure with me so please serious persons only. Additionally I would be keeping a hard copy journal as well as posting one here if am allowed to document our success or failures
Ideally this project will be helping many people with medical issues ranging from anxiety, muscle spasms,pain mangement,epilepsy and it is the right thing for me to do as I dislike having them buy their meds off the street
when my outdoor season fails Thank you for looking and reading this and have a great day

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Sounds to me like you know what you`r doing. You just need some encouragement and a swift kick in the ass to get you going. I can do that much for you, cause I sure ain`t no expert grower. Sit down, design the room, buy the equipment and go for it. You can do it.

Peace & Great Growin`


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From The Grow Book and Equipment Guide. How To Do This.

Problems :Is it 1 leaf? Yes = Invaders. No, Are they clawed and puffy or have speed bumps? Yes= Over-watering.No, Are the leaves thin drooping and curled under? Yes = TOO MUCH LIGHT No, Is the plant stunted with yellowing tips or leaves? Yes = Too many nutrients. No, Is there any purpling, cupping or folding leaves? Yes =Magnesium def.
It takes a week to fix these issues.
Don't expect to fix it over night.

Building Nutrient Profiles
S.N.A.P. Supplements, add Nutrients, Additives, adjust Ph

#1 Solve problems first with supplements and always solve the problem before adding nutes or additives.
#2 Base nutes next
#3 Additives next, they affect Ph more than PPMs
#4 Ph adjust the profile.
If you start with lower ppms you can always increase it, decreasing it is difficult if you ad too much.

When you flower, double the amount of light. The plant will double in size during flower and will need twice as much light to finish right.Set your lights at the height you want the finished plants to be and don't move it. The plants will grow into the space . This will lower your cooling costs, nute use and water use. Plus the plants will be real happy. I know most growers will say lower the lights as close as you can get them with out burning the plant and raise it as you go. Take a look at real pro grows, their lights are real high and they don't raise or lower them ever.
I hope this tidbit of info helps and gets you on your way.:peace:


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The beauty of growing is learning. What better way to learn more than to move from outdoor to indoor. I'm sure a few questions here and there on this wonderful site. Along with setting up a grow journal will invite all the help you need!

I'm subbed if you ever do a journal, indoor or out. Keep it green my friend :)


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Seems u r use to large harvests for sure don't expect that big indoors so study UR strains for indoor results. So the strains ideal for indoor heavy yields.for instance dinafim critical+,or greenhouse Kalashnikovs great indoor producers. An this to depends on UR space to,u may have the room to pull it off these lbs

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Remember all strains are different and require different environmental requirements such as temp, nutrients, light etc. pick an easy grow Strain to start and stick with one strain per room. If you see problems, diagnose the problem before guessing and adjust mixes accordingly.
Auto environment control is best as it reacts to the changes in atmospheric conditions outside the grow room, temp, humidity, pests etc.
Keep a clean grow room as this will not add any elements that are not directly related to the plants, leaf mould, mites, over humidity etc.
Use top quality nutrients and additives. Saving money wastes time and effort.
Good luck, any questions just ask ;)-""
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