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Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2021
well this is an indoor/ outdoor due to using my conservatory on the wet days , so far so good plants seem to love it , used my own home made nutes up until now , used seaweed as im by the sea , heaps of nettles and pony crap as we have ponies :) good thing is its free and totally organic , today i took cuttings of the plants you can see in the pictures so ill make a journal out of them , even my chilly plants are having a good time this year , plenty off flowers and chillies growing , must be my secret compost tea :thumb: the 2 large plants are passion#1 from dutch passion , planted from seed , the other couple of smaller ones are greenhouse cheese again from seed , i think they are looking pretty good so far , this is my first attempt at clones so will keep you up to date , ps that was an auto bud you can see .

happy growing peeps

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