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Indoor/Outdoor light question?


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hey guys, ive germed female seeds indoors with a 200watt cfl 24 hours a day and they are doing great at 10 days. Ive kept them inside under cfls to nuture them into the veg stage then they are going outside as soon as they seem strong enough. I was wondering if this is gonna interupt the veg cycle and start to flower way way too early. i wanna veg these into monsters and im worried the light change might be too dramatic. Please let me know what you think, thank you


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Nope, that's a great way to turn them into MONSTERS! did that on my first grow when I saw the electric bill come in... decided to leave them outside for regular sunlight then put them in at night to save some money now going on my second... I germed 10 WW seeds and let 5 of them flower since they were getting a bit to heavy for me to carry back inside .. So now I carry 5 instead of 10 everyday under normal house lights. (I leave my closet light on all night.. just a normal household light. It's also a great workout for me.. they weigh a ton lol.

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