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ok i'm contemplating my third grow I've done WW grows from amsterdam seed bank and not real impressed with the genetics. I grow EBB Flow so can someone give me some advice on who to get some good genetics from I'm thinking of growing Mazar Skunk i believe there selling BARNEY'S Farm on this one I've also considered growing cheese..any advice from you grey beards
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Order from Attitude seeds...They kick butt and always have good freebies, if you wait til the beginning of any month they have extra freebies besides the regular ones and they are really good, or at least they always have been to me...Just got some BARNEY'S Farm Pineapple Chunk and they are looking good so far, I can tell you this...Don't waste your time with autoflowers and also DNA genetics Blueberry, very shitty strain....Good luck to you and I hope you find what you need and maybe I have helped a little if any!!!:thumb:


Hey you oldbastard! What kind of high are you looking for? I like up, speedy, racey type strains, many like knock you on you butt type strains, many something between. I've grown 4 barneys strains and liked all, Red Dragon my favorite. I always grow mrNice SSH. I've heard good things about the BF Mazar Skunk, but have not tried. Tell us what you prefer and get some responses.
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I grew out barneys mazar skunk and it is a great strain, you will dig it. I have done a few of their strains and one i would not repeat is the pineapple chunk and with regards to dna genetics not sure about the blue but the sour cream was a tasty grow.
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