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Indoor Seedling Help - First Time Tent Grow


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Hi All,
I'm new to this site and though what better place to ask for some guidance for my first grow attempt!
I've got a basic indoor setup with a 1.6x60x80 tent, using a basic Fluro light until my full spectrum LED arrives (next week hopefully, along with a fan).

I germinated my seeds in Jiffy pods, which I won't be using again as I found they dried out very quickly and think directly planting into soil would be better.

I've just transferred my sprouts into their new homes using a mix of - 70% organic potting mix - 20% perlite - 10% peat moss underneath the top layer of soil to keep moisture in.

It's been 2 days since planting into the pots and the seedlings are about 1/2 buried in the soil to give better stability (2 of them bent and died before I had the chance to plant).

These aren't specialty seeds they are just remnants of a big bush buy from Nimbin (local growing town).
If this works out I'll be going for some quality seeds for the next grow.

As you can see in the images, some of the sprouts are looking healthy but some are getting yellowish on the leaves, and one of them looks like it may even be shrivelling up !

I've used ph-balanced soil, ph-balanced water and a ph-balance seedling/germinating nutrient in a very low dosage. All around the 6-6.5 ph mark.

Any tips or advice on how to care for them from here until they are bigger and stronger/easier to manage?
I watered them until some water dripped from the bottom of the pots yesterday and haven't watered since.

All advice and constructive criticism is welcome! Thanks in advance....


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Nice intro. Good to see you posting on 420mag. I would learn how your pots feel when you put dry soil in them then only water when you pots with plants feel as light as the dry soil pots did. That is so you do not over water. On your last pic if you are talking about that leaf turning color that is normal and they will fall off all your seedlings witch is normal.


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Hey Co, thanks! Figured it was worth a shot. I'm always reading forums so why not start one?
Good to know about the rounded leaves supposed to fall off.
I tested the PH of the soil last night and it was quite acidic...assuming from the colour test around the 4 mark. So I flushed the pots with a slightly alkaline solution of a PH 7-8 to balance, so right now the pots are quite saturated and heavy.
I'm planning on not watering them for a few days and hopefully that didn't cause any trauma to the roots and they'll soldier on :S
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